Kelela, Creating

Who: Kelela Mizanekristos
Where she was born: GWU Hospital, Washington, DC
Where she lives now: Los Angeles, CA
What she does: Sing

Kelela interview WILD music
Photo by Matt Fry

What she’s been up to lately:
I just got home from CMJ, where I did three shows. In addition to performing, I’ve been writing with different producers for my next project.

Good energy means to her:
Good energy is produced/experienced when people feel good/secure/confident about themselves. It comes from an earnest place, and produces confidence and more positive feelings in others.

If she were a sound:
The sound that a Kenh makes.

The best and worst things she’s seen this week:
Best: re-watched an A$AP Rocky + crew “Selector” freestyle video on youtube last night.
Worst: there was one DJ set I coulda done without this past week…

If she could see broad social disruption:
Like, if Facebook or another social media outlet shut down for a month. I’d be interested in seeing how people deal…

A record that changed the way she hears music:
Joni Mitchell’s Hejira.

Heavy rotation:
On repeat right now is a song i’m working on with Bok Bok + Sweyn Jupiter.

Where she goes to be alone:
My apartment.

Style icon:
Janet Jackson; Sabina Sciubba.

Her idea of love:
This is too overwhelming a question to answer.

And happiness:

What’s next:
Working on a bunch of features for other people’s records and on my next release.

Kelela’s WILD Wish:
Writing/recording/performing music for a living was my WILD Wish not too long ago, so I’m kind of stumped.


text by: Blaine Skrainka

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