Who the Heck are Pussykrew? A Visual Interview

Pussykrew are post-human. Pussykrew are a super rad experimental art team born of Polish masters Andrzej Wojtas, a.k.a mi$ Gogo, and Ewelina Aleksandrowicz, a.k.a Tikul. Pussykrew are self-described “eternal punk kids who never sleep.” Since 2008, the globetrotting innovators have been formulating eye-popping new media that explores synthetic-organic notions in the digital galaxy. Their hyper-visual journeys range from multimedia and CGI installations, to DIY electronics, audio-visual performance, and 3D printed sculpture design, all of which serve to tear down preconceptions of man. The duo use corporeal aesthetics and urban landscapes through mediums of carnal data mesh, liquid dysphoria, and 3D fantasy shuffle, threaded with recurring themes of trans-humanism, gender fluidity, and rebellious cyborg identities. Referencing late-80s technological revolution, modern commoditization, erotica, and futuristic architecture, Pussykrew’s computer-generated utopias emphasize a virtual world free from traditional gender binaries.

We asked mi$ Gogo and Tikul to interpret our Q&A with imagery of new works exclusively for The WILD…

who is pusskrew?

who pussykrew

what is gender?

pussy gender

how do you envision the future of art?

Pussykrew future

what inspires you within the post-digital realm?

post digital

What is your WILD Wish?

wild wish pussy

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text by: Nicole Zane

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