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Tori Ferenc: ‘I photograph what I see
and I photograph what I am’

Who: Tori Ferenc
Where she was born: Gniezno, Poland
Where she lives now: London, United Kingdom
What she does: I take pictures.

Tori Ferenc by Kasia Wozniak
Portrait of Tori by Kasia Wozniak

How it all began:
It began when I fell in love.

How she captures ideas:
I load the film and press the button.

Trying to make something for yourself or convey an idea to someone else?
I am not sure. I photograph what I see and I photograph what I am. I don’t think there is an idea I am trying to convey, I just take photos of things and people that make me stop and think.

If she were a sound, it would be:

She believes in:
Taxes, death, and trouble.


If she could see social disruption:
I would destroy all weapons.

Something she needs to change:
My clothes, my hair, my face.

Something great she’s read:
I read quite a lot of Kurt Vonnegut. He’s one of my favourite authors and I think he’s tragically funny. Also, not too long ago I’ve read an amazing article in the New York Times by Teju Cole about the exotification of India by mainstream Western photography.


Heavy rotation:
“Strangers” by The Kinks.

Her most recent artistic reference:
Edward Hopper.

Favorite photograph by her most admired photographer:
This is a very difficult question. I admire so many photographers that it is impossible to decide on one. But I think if I were to choose, the photo that had the biggest impact on me is a portrait of the beekeeper, Ronald Fischer, taken by Richard Avedon.

Why she takes photos:
Because I like it.

Where she finds peace:
Where I am not looking for it.

Tori’s WILD Wish:
To write a book.


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text by: Blaine Skrainka

photography by: Tori Ferenc

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