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Romina Ressia Finds Introspection, Captures Immortality

Who: Romina Ressia
Where she was born: I am from Olavarria, a small town at 350 km from Buenos Aires.
Where she lives now: Buenos Aires (Argentina) but I spend as much as I can in NYC
What she does: Art


How she captures ideas:
I capture them first on my mind, product of daily life situations and from how I see contemporary society.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much digital interaction and too little real contact and personal introspection.

Where she goes to be alone:
Long part of the day I am alone. Those are the most inspiring moments.

Something that’s surprised her recently:
The Uffizi Gallery, in Florence….much more beauty than my mind is able to assimilate.

What she’s currently working on:
I’m making the props and scenery for my next photographic project.


Her idea of love:
The feeling that makes us wanting to be better and to put the other person’s happiness prior to our selfish needs.

And happiness:
I am trully happy on rainy days of winter with a big cup of hot coffee and a good book of art.

Her most striking moment:
The day I left my old job in finance. It was a new birth… the feeling of freedom.

An epiphany she’s had:
That a life doing something that you don’t love is a miserable life.

Romina’s WILD Wish:
Immortality through my art.

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text by: Grace Dietshe

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