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Pat O’Malley’s Material Landscapes

Who: Pat O’Malley
Where he’s from: Omaha, Nebraska
Where he lives now: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Freelance Photographer, Musician


His first experience with art:
Leaving journalism college and realizing people can have a more powerful voice on their own, without the media.

What attracts him the places and objects he photographs:
I’m always trying to learn more and gain life experience, so photography is an opportunity for me to push my creative limits, explore the world and meet new people.


In the art world, there is too much and too little:
I see far too much work about the art world itself and not enough about issues that actually matter.

The weirdest place he’s have ever traveled:
My girlfriend Natalie and I spent 2009 traveling around the EU and Morocco volunteering on small organic farms. During that year we ended up in so many wild places hitchhiking and couch-surfing. So many stories…


Who or what influences his work:
I recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts and would say my peer group from there definitely my biggest influence on my work. Also, I’ve been really into Peter Sutherland’s new work. He’s super inventive with the ways he displays his photographs and it’s always really relevant to his interests.

What he’s obsessed with:
Recording music, surfing and seeing the world.


What are he’s currently working on:
I’ve got a couple open ended bodies of work. Also, I’ve got a group show coming up in February in Madrid that I’m really excited about with some of my good pals and fellow SVA grads; Corey Olsen, Molly Matalon, Zak Krevitt, Caroline Tompkins, Tim Schutsky and Jake Sigl, curated by Joe Maida.

launch gallery

text by: Kate Messinger

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