H0les Eyewear Propels You to Be
a Tourist in Your Own Reality

Escaping reality can be seen as a negative, but for unconventional eyewear company H0les, it’s a portal of possibility. The glasses were conceived in 2012 by Williamsburg-based experimental artist Pam Tietze in hope to transform the mundane day-to-day with excitement. She designs her unusual, kaleidoscope spectacles towards everyone looking for a new-found visual experience, from celebrities to club kids, or even toward the the spirited grandmas of the world. Continuously igniting new notions of perception and magic realism, Pam has now relaunched her e-store and lifestyle site, further establishing her fantastical outlook on life while displaying a large range of trippy styles and color ways (or design your own custom pair!) Follow Pam down the rabbit hole below, as she discusses her personal experience with the prismatic glasses, new themes on the horizon for the brand, and why, or maybe why not, Hilary Clinton should sport a pair.



H0les is described as an experiment in light and perception. Could you elaborate?

Human perception is an inexhaustible subject! But I do feel perception is typically devoted to utilitarian purposes—namely survival and competition—that we often miss out on other uses of all that information and sensation we receive. H0les attempts to turn our attention to the joy and wonderment in perception, using prisms and light to fuel the experience. Through prisms, one can behold the usually veiled spectrum of light, something I think we were meant to unlock and open as one of nature’s little presents. I mean who honestly doesn’t find a rainbow visually delightful? It’s ok to admit it, it’s written in our bones somewhere. We were meant to seek magic.

Is the idea of playing with sense and perception an aspect you employ in your work usually?

I have said before that I hope my work creates the feeling of being a tourist in your own reality. That is to charge your familiar, mundane, everyday with excitement, newness and possibility. Perhaps only now noticing details that were always there and the feelings that accompany that. These small shifts in perception reverberate into bigger shifts. How you do anything is how you do everything (i.e. the way you eat a sandwich reflects the way you vote…in theory) But I do believe in that connectedness.





Talk us through the visual experience you’re trying to achieve with wearers.

I’m not necessarily in pursuit of a particular visual experience, but a glimpse, an opening, a portal of possibility. Of course I have ideas about how I would like these experiences to unfold, but I really couldn’t control them if I wanted to. And I don’t really want to. Let ’em roam free!

Are you satisfied with the response of H0les?

I am beyond delighted and utterly thankful for the interest shown. I get emails from club kids and grandmas around the world, all who respond to the experience and that mass appeal is exciting to me. Truthfully though I’m restless by nature so while I am filled to brim with gratitude, I wouldn’t say I’m truly satisfied. My constant is change, so I’m already exploring what’s next.




Tell us what you see and experience when you wear H0les? What is the longest time you can wear them for?

Our visual sense is typically reaffirmed by our physical sense. If I see a lamp and reach out to touch it, I can feel it where I see it. Wearing H0les, there is no such affirmation. There is familiarity in what you see—say that lamp on your nightstand—but your mind still has to process the newness of the composition and quantity of those familiar elements—the now 30 of those lamps floating in a circle before you. This dissonance can be quite exciting and enchanting for some…and utterly nauseating for others. Personally, I can wear them as long as I want, but I’ve been on this ride quite a few times by now.

If you had to choose anyone, who would you like to see wearing H0les? Why?

Impossible! I truly want everyone to experience them. But ok, a fantasy fan scenario might involve Hillary Clinton, a pantsuit and a pair of H0les on the campaign trail. As long as it didn’t cost her the presidency.





What’s your daily work routine and how do you manage to keep your ideas new and fresh?

SELF LOVE! Expressed and practiced in a number of ways. Knowledge and love of self infuses your unique authenticity into your work, which is as fresh as it gets. But even when I’m really feeling like a special little snowflake, I keep in mind that snowflakes can appear unique or homogenous, depending on how close you are. So I keep zooming in and out to stay grounded and lifted at the same time.

What are some new themes / ideas in the pipeline for your next collection?

Unexplained pasts getting cozy with uncertain futures.



What is your WILD Wish?

That the seemingly selfish indulgence of one’s desires will somehow in the end net positively on the world. Or significant developments in human and animal communication. I think we could learn so much from them, and we’ve got a lot of explaining to do…

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text by: nicole zane and karen lam

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