Nisinsonian Studio Presents
‘The Spirit of Autumn’

Autumn is synonymous with crisp days, light jackets, and the reintroduction of deep reds, oranges, and yellows into the natural landscape. Besides that, it is the prelude of Mother Earth’s hibernation season, releasing her last traces of beauty before the bleakness of the dreary winter habitat enfolds us.

Spirit of Autumn 1

New York photographer/filmmaker Andrew Nisinson of Nisinsonian Studio has teamed up with stylist MOSES to present a bewitching fashion film illustrating this seasonal transition and highlighting the metamorphosis found not only in the environment, but human beings as well. The two-minute video shows an ethereal model, Anniek Kortleve, traipsing through a woodsy setting, truly embodying the harvest color palette that surrounds her.

Spirit of Autumn Still 2

According to Nisinson, he was inspired by the representation of the female spirit in fall’s magical presence:

“When last autumn set in, I was on a long drive from Long Island to New York City. Images entered my mind of a woman who embodies autumn, who is a part of the change, a part of the forest. I began delving into Native American mythologies, and I found that many tribes believed the seasons to be represented by four female deities. This piece is based on the feminine spirit that represents autumn. From there, it was all about showing this magical transformation. As people, we are still deeply connected to the forest and all things natural; I set out to show this beauty, this relationship, as best I could.

The spirit of fall 3

Press play below and feast your eyes on this WILD exclusive video, ‘The Spirit of Autumn,’ a fantastical depiction of the yearly shift within the environment and ourselves.

text by: Nicole Zane

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