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Natural High: A Visual Interview with Synchrodogs

It seems fitting that Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven, two self-taught photographers from Ukraine who eventually joined forces to create Synchrodogs, first met on an online photo sharing site. Their vision is a completely unique one, taking the photographic trends of high flash and disorienting images typical of Tumblr, and translating them into the marketable realm. With a taste for the surreal and haunting, the photo duo make work that easily oscillates between high fashion and fine art, producing in the viewer a feeling of looking into a hallucination or nightmare. Pushing the boundaries of photography in new and exciting ways with bizarrely beautiful compositions, Shcheglova and Noven are inspired by the fraught history of their home country. Ukraine continues to struggle to find its distinct voice and aesthetic in a post-communist world and similarly, Synchrodogs style reflects the country’s vacillation between tradition and reconstruction.

What was your last dream?

What is radiant?What is radiant?

Translating their dreams into concrete form, Synchrodogs elevate each image to an otherworldly atmosphere, a rare feat for a documentary form like photography. Even when working with publications such as New York magazine, Dazed and Confused, and AnOther, Synchrodogs find a balance between the realism of the model and the surrealism found in nature. The human body, as portrayed in their work, seems to cut through the elements. The result: an abrasive interaction between earth and man. The superimposition of two familiar shapes produces an uncanny impression, an impossibility that still feels familiar, and a world that demands our exploration.

What  was your first experience with art?What  was your first experience with art?

What Influences you?What influences you?

What is your WILD Wish?What is your WILD Wish?

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