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Nature and Nudity:
Magdalena Wosinska’s Timeless Volume

Polish-born, Los Angeles-based photographer Magdalena Wosinska creates imagery that captivates her seekers. With two already published books of photography, Wosinska is set to release a new collection of self-portraits titled The Experience Vol. 1  that renders the truest form of freedom. Wosinska habitually travels solo beholding some of our world’s most breathtaking scenery. By capturing herself in these landscapes nude, she removes class restrictions, style, and judgement; instead, Wosinska represents the beautiful and universal human form amongst nature. Just days before her forthcoming book launch out West, The WILD had the pleasure to chat with this babely shutterbug, giving us further insight on this stunning four-year project.


Tell us what inspired your latest book The Experience Vol. 1 ?

I travel a lot for work, but I am alone, and at a lot of times, in the most beautiful places in the world. I am not a landscape photographer but am surrounded by these amazing areas of nature. I wanted to put a human element to it so the self portraits came into play. It kept it consistent, as I was always with myself.

This is your third published photography volume. What makes this collection different from the previous two?

The subject matter from the first two was just capturing my life, travel, playing in a band, friends and moments. This one does a lot of that too but in the same context as a series. It is more planned out. I will go to an amazing place and then I will take a nude photo for the series.



In The Experience Vol. 1, you capture your own bare figure while traveling. As you see it, what does posing nude manifest?

With clothes, you are automatically a type of person, a part of an era, social class, or clique. With a flannel it’s grunge, or a leather jacket might read 80s metal. In the nude, it is literally timeless.

That being said, how do you view the relationship between a nature and nudity?

It goes perfectly hand and hand if the weather allows it.

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Are there any alternative themes you would like to explore in the future?

That is what the future holds. I try not to plan to far ahead.

What is your WILD Wish?

Write a legend!

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If you are L.A.-based, check out Magda’s interactive opening show for The Experience Vol. 1 this Friday, February 13, at Dilettante, Downtown.

And see more of Magda’s photography for The WILD.

text by: Nicole Zane

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