GETOVERHER aka Jason Scott Henderson
is in a Constant State of Confusion

Who: Jason Scott Henderson aka Scott On The Rocks aka Sir Brix of Scott
aka Loser Vandross aka @BetteryetJSH aka GETOVERHER
Where he was born: South Jamaica, Queens, NY
Where he lives now: A Constant State of Confusion
What he does: Music(ian) & Magic(ian)

How he captures ideas:
I live tweet TV show and movie quotes I value as well as my friends conversations or anything interesting I overhear strangers say. I constantly write all of my random song and lyric ideas in the notes app of my iPhone. I also record my spontaneous melody and harmony ideas in the voice memo app on my iPhone.

His most recent artistic reference:
A series of erotic illustrations by Namio Harukawa.

If he were a sound:
A cello in the wind.

He believes in:
Equal rights and immortality.

There’s too much of, and too little of:
Too much fear, racism, class-ism, height-ism, fake feminists and social media validation. Too little creative originality, respect for others and affordable health food options in urban neighborhoods.

If He could see social disruption in one aspect, it would be:
The Purge.

Something great he’s read:
My horoscope on my birthday.

Something great he’s seen:

Heavy rotation:
Sadevillain. It’s a mash up EP of Sade & MF Doom.

What he needs to change:
My eating habits after hours.

Jason’s WILD Wish:
To be a successful restaurateur or hotelier who’s best friends with Dan Bilzarian
and occasionally tours the world as a performance artist.


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