Gallery Spy: Gettin’ Hot in Herre (kinda)

Did you hear about the California radio station that only played Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” for two days straight? That happens to be the station from my home town that I used to listen to in high school, dancing audaciously with my friends in the seats of my Toyota Camry, on our way to get In n’ Out burgers, trying to swing the metaphorical t-shirts of our youth above our heads while not plunging the car off the windy cliffs of the Bay Area. Whatever the marketing reasons were to only play one song from our disillusioned youths on repeat, it got 105.7 back on the map, reassuring the mentality “if you play it they will come.”  And New York galleries are taking a hint this week, putting out the heat for hopes of a much needed change in weather.  If we wish it, it may come… And if it doesn’t, we’ll say it over and over and over and over again.

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New York

Feeling Human
Bleecker Street Arts Club

the wild gallery spy

There’s a point in the winter when we all feel a bit more like hibernating animals, trudging through the dim tunnels of the city in beastly black frocks looking for something to keep us sustained until the new season. It’s been a similar harrowing winter in the art world, searching for those fresh shows to perk up our shivering, lonely bodies. Jessica Hodin and Adam Mignanelli of Ballast Projects is giving us something to live for in these final winter months with a new group show featuring paintings by emerging artists Ryan Schneider, Mira Dancy, and Austin Eddy. The works from these blooming artists are bringing us a new way to look at what we’ve been seeing day after day, a slow melting of iced over lump of icy ice that’s (finally) making us feel human again.

2014 psychic invite

Mask for Letting Go 2014 oil on canvas 84 x 72

image (7)

AHAlife curated residency
Hotel Particulier


Stage view top

AHAlife, the beautifully curated and immaculately designed creative object marketplace, is seamlessly blending art and design with shopping and collecting without that lurking eye of a salesperson. In their newest limited run residency at Hotel Particulier, unique art objects sit next to slickly design beauty, lifestyle and music products in a sort of surrealist dinner party style, all hand-picked by gallery founder Frederique Thiollet. Displayed on a raw and sculptural installation table made by Courtney Smith, resembling something between a wood shop and a medieval lair, products and works are viewed in rotation. Stepping around the table, viewers exploring everything from a handmade Naked Lamp perfect for the NY apartment without light fixtures by designer Dennis Murphy, to an iPhone case that blocks signals when you don’t want to be bothered, to a surprisingly wearable perfume inspired by the revolution (with the scent of smoke, burning rubber, metal and flesh) sold in a metal pipe bomb case, and even a gold self masterbater (for the eccentric).

Bringing the forward thinking and crisply designed website marketplace into a physical space, heightening art and design but also making it accessible to viewers, AHAlife and Hotel Particular are redefining the way we see art, buy stuff and experience design.

Pipi bomb

stage view random

Stage view 2


Akila Berjaoui
Human NYC x Billabong

gallery spy the wild

Even though Spring is giving us all blue balls, photographer Berjaoui and surfer babe brand Billabong are making us sweat with the extra femme, extra sexy zine and art show titled You Better Get Out Of The Sun Before You Melt at Greenpoint’s Human Gallery NYC. Rachel Yeager, curator and owner of the gallery, says she has finally found the niche with Human’s third lady-show, carving a special place for female artists like Kava Gorna and Amy Woodside who aren’t afraid of showing skin and letting their femininity be a focus of their exceptional talents. The interactive additions to each show, like a custom “tit lighter” for Gorna’s Topless exhibit or the beautiful zine which accompanies Berjaoui’s summer loving photographs, set the small but unique space apart from many of the galleries of the city, bringing a new, and sexy, way to experience art.

gallery spy the wild

gallery spy the wild


Rómulo Celdrán
Hasted Kraeutler

gallery spy the wild

Does size matter? It does; at least for Spanish artist Rómulo Celdrán, who is currently presenting his larger than life work at Hasted Kraeutler in Chelsea. His latest show features hyper realistic sculptures and drawings of objects found in daily life, but –-from a spilled can of paint to an ice cube tray. The works in this exhibition encompass two series, Zoom and Macro, and as surprising as it may sound, every single work is meticulously made by hand, delivering a fascinating and playful Alice in Wonderland type show. If you’re a big fan of Claes Oldenburg, you’re in for a treat, as Celdrán delivers a similar “Honey, I shrunk the kids” experience, but much more crisp (welcome to 2014). —Alejandro Jassan

gallery spy the wild

gallery spy the wild


Dylan Bailey
55 Gansevoort

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.31.03 PM

Some say “art is everywhere.” Others say: “what you were looking for was in front of you all along.” I say: lift your head away from your Instagram for one second and you might see cool shit, EVEN IN MEATPACKING. That’s correct, hiding in plain sight at 55 Gansevoort (between Washington and Greenwhich) is a one room store front turned gallery run by Ellie Rines showing artists you’d travel anywhere to go see. This sunday marks the closing of Dylan Bailey’s Emptiness, a rotating hanging sculpture of empty booze bottles, intricately woven together with discarded wine racks, that is both delightfully irreverent and intrinsically mesmerizing. Check out the closing party this Sunday, 5-8pm, and remember to keep your head up: who knows where art is hiding?

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.46.10 PM


text by: Kate Messinger

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