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Fiona Torre is Loyal to Her First Feelings

Who: I’m Fiona
Where she was born: Toulouse, it’s called the pink city
Where she lives now: Paris, first for school, now it’s my home
What she does: Most of time I take pictures


How it all began:
At the Fine Art School in Toulouse. I worked on collecting things and particularly images, creating books, installation or sculpture but collecting was the first step. I started to take pictures of my installation and books, thats the beginning.

How she captures ideas:
Everywhere but particularly from my teen life. I’m loyal to my first feeling, crush, favorite movies, city, photographers.. I’m kind of nostalgic people and to feel very well i need to confront past and future, to make them fall in love.


If you were a sound, it would be:
Cruising Gang’s “Affair a Gogo,” and Jill Scott’s “Closure.”

She believes in:
The strong link between the psychic and the body, that’s the most powerful thing in life. Practicing it every day, taking this way make me feel connected to the essential. Kind of cliché but that’s work pretty well on me.

If she could see social disruption:
Social media makes us very selfish, depressive. We don’t play anymore, we act, pretend. That’s really sad. Social media is amazing but most of people just fall to deeply inside.

Something she needs to change:
Don’t need to change, but try to accept to being me. I’m in the « accepting » moment of my life.


Something great she’s read:
Every Yukio Mishima book.

The most interesting art being made today:
Astrologers. Reading the sky with ancient occult values and draw psychological portraits to modern society. It’s incredible, true art.

Heavy rotation:
I’m trying to listen all my iTunes song before loading new one. That’s one my 10000000 resolutions, but I can’t stop listening to Cigarettes After Sex on Youtube.


Her most recent artistic reference
Jamie Hawkesworth! His work is so fucking beautiful, even if it’s for a brand like Zara, he creates something old, new, futuristic, fashion, documentary, rare, whatever. He’s the best.

Why she takes photos:
Because I sing out of tune, too small to modeling, to shy to act…MTV generation. For real, that’s the only communicating way I’m good at.

Where do you find peace?
In love, friendship, and family. I could be anywhere, but not alone. I’m not an Into the Wild person.

Fiona’s WILD Wish:
A Graceland, but Elvis failed, I’ll try.

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text by: Blaine Skrainka

photography by: Fiona Torre

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