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Etnia Barcelona Make Statement with
Jean-Michel Basquiat Capsule Collection

Etnia Barcelona pays homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat with a new, expressive capsule collection. The line of sunglasses offers four models patterned on three original Basquiat works. Etnia has a long tradition as an independent Spanish eyewear brand heralding cultural movements and the young artists who take inspiration from the legacies of groundbreaking creators. This made Basquiat a perfect fit, a man who remains one of the most iconic personas of the last century, artistic revolutionary, and inimitable symbol of counterculture today. To celebrate the new J.M Basquiat x EtniaBarcelona collection, the eyewear maker invited underground hip hop artist and producer, Oddisee, and NYC street artist Elle, each to tell their own stories of the determination to create art when the status quo says otherwise.

Jean-Michel Basquiat would smile upon the pair of hustlers, navigating the unwelcoming streets of New York City. Basquiat himself got his start as a conceptual graffiti artist, making his signature style synonymous with downtown Manhattan before turning the fine art gallery world on its head. And his works, touching on themes of racism, politics, and social hypocrisy, more than stand the test of time.

Etnia’s collection transmits the transgressive, powerful, and emotional aspects of Basquiat’s oeuvre with three of his most statement-making pieces from the early eighties, Fallen Angel, Glenn, and In This Case. See the iconic pieces below and visit our gallery for a preview of the capsule collection, with a full look book at


Fallen Angel (1981) An electrifying painting, a portrait of an obsession, a self-portrait of a person whose career was cut short but who left behind a powerful and complex legacy, like the fallen angel who disobeys God and is expelled from Heaven.


Glenn (1984) From a period of intense creativity. Representing a monstrous, feverish, static, black head, resembling a mask radiating energy and emotion, against a background wall like in a kindergarten.


In This Case (1983) One of Basquiat’s most famous works because of the way he combined complementary colours and contrasts between light and dark to create a rage-filled representation of himself.


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The J.M. Basquiat x EtniaBarcelona collection is available now at select stores worldwide

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