CB I Hate Perfume founder Christopher Brosius shares his legacy


For Christopher Brosius, scent has the power to tell a story. “I have long wanted to write a book not with words but with scents,” he says, revealing the impulse behind his latest deluxe edition box of fragrances. The new endeavor, aptly named “The Box,” features 40 scents in all and hinges on Brosius’s core belief that scent has an invaluable significance to the individual not just as a pleasantry, but as a crux of personal identity.


The Box, available starting in July via special order, is meant to carry its owner through a unique internal journey that speaks to one’s true identity. “The way you respond to scent—the images and emotions it conjures—is one of the most important factors that defines you as YOU,” he says—a compelling statement from someone who has made a lifelong study of fragrance. And he’s right: intuition confirms that fragrance can create a touching reflection of the self in a sensually unique way.

However, If CB’s esoteric appreciation of scent is lost on you, the fragrances alone speak convincingly for themselves. Whether it’s the charming aroma of a dandelion flower freshly picked from the lawn or the perfectly captured smell of new fallen snow, Brosius’ magical scents are irrefutable proof that the man is a master of his craft.


All image courtesy of Evaan Kheraj


text by: Robert LiaBraaten

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