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October 30, 2014

Blogger of the Week: Alden Wicker of EcoCult

Who: Alden Wicker
Where she was born: Summit, New Jersey
Where she lives now: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
What she does: Freelance journalist on sustainable lifestyle, electronic music and personal finance.
Her blog: EcoCult


On being allowed to dress herself as a kid:
It was a constant clash between my mom, my older sister and I on what I would wear. Everyone had strong opinions. My sister was always trying to teach me something. Like, “Scrunch your socks! No one wears them straight up like that!” And my mom was always trying to make me look “cute.” But I wanted to look, “cool,” even though I had no idea what that was. My mom and sister learned to say, “That looks so cool on you,” when they wanted me to agree to wear something.


Her dream piece of clothing to own:
A Melissa Joy Manning statement necklace.

What inspires her personal style:
For me, it has to have some sort of ethical or sustainable element. Or else it just makes me feel like a fraud and hypocrite. From there, I like black and good, body-conscious fits. I would say my style is a mix between 60s lady and 90s punk.

What she considers to be a fashion faux pas:
Buying anything and everything just because it’s cheap. Or buying anything and everything because it’s sparkly. Curating your closet is the ultimate statement because it takes a strong sense of style to only buy what you really love and will wear.


If she could see change in one aspect of the fashion industry, it would be:
Just one? I wish there were a universal certification system, a simple symbol that would tell me, “This brand adheres to at least a basic level of social and environmental responsibility.” There could be levels to it, but I wish I could flip over a tag the way I look at a box of cereal at the grocery store to see if it’s organic to determine if it’s worth buying.


The last thing she bought:
A Sway leather motorcycle jacket.

Her style icon:
Audrey Hepburn. Is that basic? She knows how to rock clean, simple, black and white lines with a good fit.

What is your WILD Wish:
That my blog about sustainable fashion become irrelevant because all fashion is sustainable!

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text by: Angelica Ramirez

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