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WILD Profile: Cali Sales, Up for the Greatest Adventures

Name: Cali Sales
Where she’s from: Born in Los Angeles and raised in Austin, Texas
Where she lives: Brooklyn, NY
What she does: I’m a freelance illustrator, artist and maker of various things

Cali Sales WILD profile

What she’s currently working on:
Lately, I’ve been hopping between lots of different projects. That has been the easiest way for me to work on things, since I made a big move recently (from LA to Brooklyn) and I’m still not 100% percent settled in to my new studio space. I’ve also been involved with my friend’s shop, The Deep End Club, and have been making products and promotional stuff for it. As far as my own work (painting/drawing), I’m currently working on finishing a new painting that deals with the concept of “paradise”, and how subjective it is.

Her favorite thing about spring:
I love all of the flora and fauna that come out during this time of the year— everything slows down or seems to come to a stop during the cold months so it’s always really exciting to watch the crazy explosion of life that happens once it begins to get warmer outside. I never really treasured this time until I moved to a place where it stayed extremely cold and snowy for months on end (such as New York), since I grew up in a much warmer part of the country.

Her heroes in fiction:
I always have a hard time accessing the part of my memory that deals with anything story/ movie/ book related, so I’ll just name the first thing that came to mind when I read this question: Pee Wee Herman in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies. I wish I could be more profound with my answer, but at least I’m being honest.

Cali Sales WILD profile

What kind of movement she would like to start:
How about a “kindness movement”? I’d really like to encourage and increase the awareness of how important it is to be kind to others. I feel that many people don’t realize the importance one just kind gesture towards a stranger (or someone who you are close with). I already try my best to do this in my own life— it would be great to inspire others to do the same.

What’s her idea of happiness:
Being true to oneself.

With whom she would you like to go on a tête-à-tête:
Everyone who comes to mind is already dead, sadly… Art-world wise: Salvador Dali? Peggy Guggenheim? Musically: Elliott Smith.

 The thing she most dislike about these modern days:
I really dislike the amount of apathy present in people my age or younger. I also hate how much people stare at their phones, especially in public. You’re missing out on so much happening around you! Plus, you’re ruining your eyes and attention span on a little shiny screen that you will probably sit on and smash in a month.

Collecting or curating?
I’d say collecting, but what’s the fun in that unless you can share it with others? Art is best when it is experienced by as many people as possible— it isn’t something to be hidden away.

Cali’s WILD wish:
To be able to make art all day/be creative without having to worry about money in any way.

text by: Isaac Perez Solano

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