The Creators Project Teams with the
All-New Prius to Launch ‘Future Forward’

Last weekend, The Creators Project launched Future Forward at Industria Superstudio in New York City, the first of three events in partnership with Toyota, with Chicago and Los Angeles to follow. The showcases featured interactive pieces inspired by the all-new Prius, a car that marks the apex of dynamic functionality and progressive design. Likewise, the installations were an immersive look at tomorrow, like Drift, a heat-responsive chandelier, Reach, an interactive living wall, and Hoshi, which made tangible the concept of infinite space. See a recap of the immersive audio-visual evening below, and if you’re in Chicago or L.A., be sure to catch the Future Forward experiences to come.

Visit The Creators Project to learn more about Future Forward

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06.04.16_Vice__Creators Project_0604

06.04.16_Vice__Creators Project_1397

06.04.16_Vice__Creators Project_1849

06.04.16_Vice__Creators Project_1765

The Future Forward event series presented by the all-new Prius heads next to Chicago on June 18, and in Los Angeles on June 25

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