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Ansgar Sollmann: You Can’t Capture Ideas, Only Life

Who: Ansgar Sollmann
Where he was born: Giessen, Germany
Where he lives now: London
What he does: Photography


How it all began:
Perhaps in Australia where I was travelling for half a year after I finished school and didn’t take a single picture then. Bought a camera first thing when I came back to Germany and started experimenting.

How he captures ideas:
I don’t think you can capture ideas. You can only capture what life shows you and through this transport your ideas. It’s essential to keep an open mind. Whatever you plan might not turn out the way you intended. So it’s clever to go along with spontaneity. The fascinating thing about photography is to observe and capture a moment that will never happen in the exact same way ever again.


If he were a sound:
Crackling fire.

He believes in:
Curiosity and common sense.

If he could see social disruption:
Everybody should get a free education based on modern humanism. Human rights should actually be established. It would be great to see the world change for the better through a peaceful revolution. Perhaps a scientific revolution. Sharing new technolgies and a new way of thinking that would save the environment and humankind.



Something he needs to change:
I should probably live a bit more healthy

Something great he’s read:
Time for Outrage (Indignez-Vous!) by Stephane Hessel. It’s a quick, exilharating read. Everybody should read it.

The most interesting art today is made by:
Elephants and John Baldessari.

Heavy rotation:
David Bowie, Nick Cave.

His most recent artistic reference:
The streets of London and also the people I’ve met here.


Favorite photograph by his most admired photographer:
Henri Cartier-Bresson. Italy Series and his work in general. He was the first photographer who truly inspired me.

Why he takes photos:
I just love it.

Where he finds peace:
Stroling around with my camera in the city or through nature alike. Walking our family dogs through the countryside and forest behind my parents house.

Ansgar’s WILD Wish:
Fair payment for everyone.


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see more at + instagram @ansgar_sollmann



text by: Blaine Skrainka

photography by: Ansgar Sollmann

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