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Going Places with Alexandre Silberstein

Who: Alexandre Silberstein
Where he’s from: Born in Paris, but I believe I am from nowhere
Where he lives now: Nowhere
What he does: Artist

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More specifically:
I am an apprentice artist. I direct short videos and do some art direction as well.

What he’s currently working on:
I am working on two shows, exhibitions. One collective with Alei Journal and my first solo show. Both in Paris. Two projects would be shown also, « Gasherbrum » and « Fitz ». Also, I have just directed an hybrid documentary call « Gucci Gang ». It’s about 5 girls who are part of the Parisian youth (born 2000) with a different point of view.

It was a chance to work with those interesting girls, Christine Lerche and Jean
du Sartel.

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary:
Extra. Anything ordinary can be extraordinary. Anything extraordinary can be ordinary. Depends where you stand, where you want to go.

His favorite journey:
Traveling. It can take many shapes.

What his art has to do with intellectuality:
If I allow myself to say it I would affirm that my work is more conceptual.
It is only a matter of narration, humans and games.

Who represents his artistic family:
Hard to answer, here some references…
Cris Cunningham / Franz Erhardt Walter
William Eggleston / Werner Herzog
Apitchapong / Arca / Gaspard Noé
Shabazz Palaces / Steve Mc Queen

The kind of movement he would like to start:
A positive one.

Alexandre’s WILD wish:
Do what I love.


Alexandre Silberstein is now showing Fitz, his first solo exhibition. The
show’s taking place in Paris, 75 rue des Archives.

text by: Isaac Perez Solano

photography by: Maxime Gouriten

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