WILD Profile: Alana Dee Haynes, Beauty in the Differences

Who: Alana Dee Haynes
Where she was born: New York City
Where she lives now: New York City
What she does: I’m a mixed media artist, usually working with illustrations on photographs, but dabbling with fashion, sculpture, photography, and murals.

What she’s been up to lately:
I’ve been transfering my illustrations onto jackets, and soaking up the warm weather before it turns cold and grey.

What good energy means to her:
Sometimes you can see good energy in someone’s eyes. I think its just trying to make the world a better place. Treating everyone like you would like to be treated.

If she were a sound, it would probably be:
Maybe a banjo twang.

The best and the worst things she’s seen this week:
The best was this guy taking is old dog on a walk on a cart, then park it and start playing ball with the dog while it lay on the cart. It was so loving. The worst thing was probably the newspaper.

If she could see broad social disruption in one aspect, it would be:Â
I wish we would take better care of our environment, in various ways. No more war, use less gas, recycle, etc.

From where she takes reference in her art:
I love nature. The patterns the earth creates are perfect. I also am very informed by the photographs I draw on. The images usually tell me what to draw.

Heavy rotation:
“Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding, and “These Days” by Nico. Those songs have stayed on repeat since I was 14. They’re not always playing, but when they do, I can’t get enough of it.

Where she goes to be alone:
My hometown Red Hook, Brooklyn. There are still some streets that have zero people — pretty rare for New York.

Whom she considers a style icon:
Isabella Blow, but I am much more understated.

Her idea of love:
Love is finding the beauty in the differences. My boyfriend likes to explain love very chemically, and I, more magically. Being able to speak without words. So much of my art is silent but informative, and I like my people the same way. I love people like I love my art.

And happiness:
Happiness is tricky. There are things in life where you are untouchable. I love air sports. When I’ve gone skydiving and paragliding, I feel like I’m literally flying. But on the regular day to day, I just try to do what I love, and realize how lucky I am to have such amazing people around me.

What’s next:
Keep working, working with more people, and trying to learn more. I might dye my hair grey; I keep walking by old women with such envy of their salt and pepper hair. And I’d like to get my paragliding license so I can island hop through the air.

Alana’s WILD Wish:
I’m pretty sure I was told as a child to not tell people your wishes or they wont come true…


Dig it? See more of Alana’s work here, and follow her on Tumblr and Twitter


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text by: Blaine Skrainka

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