edison boxing cats the wild cat videos

Cat Video, Thomas Edison style

by: The WILD

In the age of the Internet it’s no surprise that cats rule the meme universe, dominating the Youtube and Google searches with millions of hours of uploaded cat videos. But who knew that the fascination […]

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Tibet Monks WILD Fashion

Blessed with peace, chasity…and Louis Vuitton.

by: Gabrielle Mawusi Shaw

For the past five days, a video of two Thai monks on a private jet wearing Louis Vuitton sunglasses has been making the rounds, becoming a very hot topic of debate. It has over two […]

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John Galliano Scandal WILD Fashion

I’m Not John Galliano’s Daughter.Â

by: Andrea Avidad

One of the best memories I have, from a night most consider to be a nightmare -a.k.a. my high school graduation party- consisted of me finding my dad facedown on our magnificent dining room table […]

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Mishka Henner's "Beef and Oil" WILD mag arts

Mishka Henner’s “Beef and Oil”

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

Mishka Henner is a Belgium-born, Manchester-based artist who merges his passion for photography with the internet to create original works of art. Henner appropriates images from Google Earth, Google Street View and YouTube, juxtaposing them to […]

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Grizzly Bear Yet Again WILD Music

Grizzly Bear / Yet Again

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

Grizzly Bear’s music video for “Yet Again,” one of the singles from their new album Shields, traverses the surface of things both literally and figuratively as an attempt at analyzing the art of performance. The […]

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Dirty Projectors new Indie Movie Hi Custodian

The Dirty Projectors’ “Hi Custodian” is a Cinematic Trip

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

The Dirty Projectors are already world famous for their experimental indie rock, but did you know they’re film makers now as well? “Hi Custodian” is the first ever short film to come out of the […]

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Press Play Pause doc

Press Pause Play: The Digital Revolution

by: Joseph Johnson

This week saw the floatation of Facebook on the stock market after its owners placed a value of more than $100 billion on the social networking business. The historic debut meant over 1,000 investors in […]

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After The Smoke

Video of the Week – After The Smoke/One In A Million

by: Joseph Johnson

If you like your beats served with a slice of controversy then look no further than After The Smoke‘s track OIAM (One In A Million). A dispute over the production rights to the song – […]

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by: Diego Martínez

In just a few hours, 2011 will end its course and lead the way to another period of time, one in which the possibilities of change and evolution are more vibrant than ever before. We’re […]

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by: Diego Martínez

YouTube has been the springboard for many talented folks, for better or for worse. The video-sharing website could easily take the blame for widely-spread music phenomenons, from creative geniuses (OK GO’s award winning vids, Greyson […]

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