LK Cecil interview WILD mag faces

LK Cecil

by: The WILD

WILD Face: LK Cecil Directed by: Joseph Isho Levinson Cinematography by: Livia Coullias-Blanc

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Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen

Liberal Arts (2012)

by: Lorena Sander

One would never expect a movie written and directed by a sitcom star (Josh Radnor, of How I Met Your Mother fame) to chastise its audience for watching too much TV. Liberal Arts, billed as […]

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Chris Dorland

Frightening Utopias: Chris Dorland at Winkleman Gallery

by: Serena Qiu

In a timely reaction to the rousing and the return of galleries from summer hibernations, Chris Dorland has assembled an ominously enticing body of work at Winkleman Gallery, presented under the title “PERMANENT VACATION.” Rather […]

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James Rosenthal

Northern Exposure

by: Livia Coullias Blanc

We got a look into Northern Exposure, a celebration of leading brands and rising Nordic talent, held at the New Museum in the Bowery. The event featured a DJ set by Zara Zachrisson, and represented […]

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Clint Eastwood RNC Speech- Obama's Chair

Clint Eastwood debates a Chair. A tie is declared.

by: Kate Messinger

Republicans and improv-comedy are two planes of this world that should never cross, especially during a national convention broadcasted to millions of judging people. However, Clint Eastwood, a man known for his mean cowboy stares, […]

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Hannelore Knuts The Wild Magazine

Hannelore Cover Shoot- Behind the Scenes

by: Joseph Isho Levinson

The beautiful and angelic Hannelore Knuts graced the latest cover of The WILD Magazine. Here’s a taste of the magic that went on behind the scenes.

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