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WILD Profile: Taylor Hoff, Simple, Clean and Tangible

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Visual merchandiser and freelance photographer Taylor Hoff explores nature and nurture through art.

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WILD Profile: Jesse Kamm, A One-Women Show

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Designer Jesse Kamm gives us a quick glance at all the plates she has spinning and places she'd like to be dancing in this week's WILD Profile.

Tags: designer, Don Judd, Fashion, Isaac Perez Solano, Jesse Kamm, Panama, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile

WILD PROFILE: Mike & Claire, Learning from Mistakes

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Get inside the wild minds of multimedia artist duo Mike Bailey-Gates and Claire Christerson.

Tags: Claire Christerson, Isaac Perez Solano, Mike Bailey-Gates, WILD Profile

WILD Profile: Nina Berenato of Psyche Jewelry, Hustle & Flow

by: The WILD

Psyche Jewelry designer, Nina Berenato, talks Biggie Smalls, Hallucinations, and encouraging people to deliver the occasional, much needed, fuck off.

Tags: Biggie Smalls, Fashion, Halluciations, Hallucinations, Louise Bourgeois, Michele Lamy, Nicolas Jaar, Nina Berenato, OK Computer, Oliver Sacks, Psyche Jewelry, RADIOHEAD, Space Is Only Noise, The Killing, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
kevin truong gay men project the wild

WILD Profile: Kevin Truong, Everything and Nothing

by: Isaac Perez Solano

We get comfortable with Kevin Truong, photographer and activist who has been documenting men around the world on his blog, Gay Men Project.

Tags: Gay Men Project, Isaac Perez Solano, Kevin Truong, the WILD, WILD Profile

WILD Profile: Magda Laguinge

by: The WILD

Catch up with our WTF cover girl and model extraordinaire, Madga Laguinge, who dreams of going on a tete-a-tete with the Pope.

Tags: Argentina, Fashion, India, London, Magda Laguinge, Model, New York, Nicolas Jaar, Paris, The Kingsford Mark, The Pope, The Wild Magazine, Victor Canning, WILD Profile, WTF Issue
Loup Charmant WILD Profile WILD Fashion

WILD Profile: Kee Edwards of Loup Charmant, Living Life With More Awesome

by: The WILD

Kee Edwards, of Loup Charmant, tells us all about her current projects and presidential plots to start dance parties and morning meditation on the White House lawn.

Tags: Africa, Alexandra Fuller, Amish, Between Two Ferns, Coqui Coqui Tabaco, Fashion, GMO, Indian, Kee Edwards, Loup Charmant, Mirella Ricciardi, President Obama, Spring/Summer 2014, Spring/Summer 2015, SS14, SS15, The Wild Magazine, Tuareg, White House, WILD Profile, Zach Galifinakis
shae detar the wild magazine wild profile

WILD Profile: Shae Detar, from the Tree House

by: Kacie Tomita

Explore the color splashed work from photographer Shae Detar who shares her inspirations and passion for fighting against animal cruelty.

Tags: Kacie Tomita, painted photography, photographer, shea detar, WILD Profile
juco photo the wild profile

WILD Profile: JUCO Photo, Good Energy is Indescribable

by: Kacie Tomita

L.A.'s photography duo, JUCO Photo, shares their colorful surrealist shots and dreams for a less digital future.

Tags: JUCO Photo, Kacie Tomita, Los Angeles, photographers, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile

WILD Profile: Jessica Lee, Making A Difference In the Lives of Others

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Jessica Lee, the designer behind Willow Knows, opens up to The WILD about the many loves of her life and the tension that lies between stillness and fluidity.

Tags: Anais Nin, Dali, Fall/Winter 2014, Fashion, FW14, Gertrude Stein, Isaac Perez Solano, Jessica Lee, Picasso, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile, Willow Knows