Baauer WILD music

Just Blaze & Baauer feat. JAY Z / Higher

by: Joseph Johnson

Pretty much everyone has either seen, heard, or done their own version and then got bored of Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” Sadly, the rather catchy song was destroyed for many by a rather annoying internet meme, […]

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LGBT rights in Russia WILD mag world

Russia’s Anti-Gay Law to “Protect the Children”

by: Kate Messinger

Even after the global freak-out over Russia’s imprisonment of politically incorrect, iconically bad ass girl group Pussy Riot a few months back, the country is still censoring its people in hopes of bringing back “traditional Russian values.” As of now, “gay […]

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No Church in The WILD

No Church in the Wild

by: Joseph Johnson

“No Church In The Wild” is most definitely one of the more contemplative tracks on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s sensational Watch The Throne album. It didn’t necessarily have the immediate commercial impact that tracks like […]

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