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Director Felix Van Groeningen Is A Modest Man

by: The WILD

Oscar-nominated director Felix Van Groeningnen discusses his more recent film, The Broken Circle Breakdown.

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dealin' with idiots jeff garlin the wild movies comedy michael moore

A Conversation with Jeff Garlin and Michael Moore

by: Ani Palen

At a recent screening of comedian Jeff Garlin‘s new improv heavy film, Dealin’ With Idiots, documentary film hot head Michael Moore leads a discussion with Garlin about comedy, politics, and how to deal in a […]

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Somalia Pirates Tribeca Film Festival WILD Arts

The Project

by: Andrea Avidad

Somalia’s history thus far has been a virulent amalgamation of elements that completely impede any kind of possibility for progress in the nation’s construction of a basic level of human safety. Inheriting the consequences of […]

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Hide Your Smiling Faces Tribeca Film Festival The Wild arts

Hide Your Smiling Faces

by: Anna Fixsen

Hide Your Smiling Faces, the directorial debut of Daniel Patrick Carbone, weaves together a story of both delicacy and weight—a film about boyhood in rural America and the first bittersweet tastes of growing up. The […]

Tags: Anna FIxen, Arts, daniel patrick carbone, Film, hide your smiling faces, The Wild Magazine, Tribeca Film Festival
Gucci WILD mag fashion

A Look Behind the Curtain at Gucci

by: Stephanie Ott

Fashion is not a superficial world ruled by high-heeled ladies of luxury. Many decisions and hours of labor and effort go into each and every shoe, dress and bag. That is the underlying message of […]

Tags: Christina Voros, Fashion, Frida Giannini, Gucci, James Franco, Stephanie Ott, The Director, The Wild Magazine, Tribeca Film Festival
Rachel Boynton WILD Film Arts

A Down-and-Dirty Account of the Oil Industry

by: Stephanie Ott

The complexities of how an American energy firm’s stakes in an offshore oil project in Africa, and how an exploration into untapped oil regions is then turned into a multi-billion dollar project, are difficult to […]

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Sheikha Mayassa Al Thani Image via

The Cultural Ambitions of Qatar and Its Queen of Art

by: Andrea Lo

A little more than thirty years ago, the sovereign Arab state of Qatar was merely a secluded corner perched on the Persian Gulf. The territory struck gold with the discovery of oil and natural gas […]

Tags: Andrea Lo, Damien Hirst, Emir of Qatar, Louis Vuitton, Qatar, Robert De Niro, Sheikha Mayassa Al Thani, Takashi Murakami, Tate Modern, The Cultural Ambitions of Qatar and Its Queen of Art, Tribeca Film Festival