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Art Talks with Elizabeth Huey

by: The WILD

Painter Elizabeth Huey captures social dynamics in expressionless faces and colorful scenery.

Tags: ART, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Elizabeth Huey, paintings, the WILD

No Sass: Photay Opens Up On Debut Album

by: Claire Voon

We sat down with Photay, the project of 21-year-old Evan Shornstein, to discuss his recent record release.

Tags: Claire Voon, Evan Shornstein, interview, music, Photay, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Magnificent Man, An Interview with Zachary Quinto

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

ANIMAL issue cover star Zachary Quinto of Star Trek takes a confident yet laissez-faire stance in the face of an increasingly chaotic future.

Tags: Animal Issue, Emily Kirkpatrick, Heroes, Star Trek, Tetsu Kubota, the WILD, Zachary Quinto

A Portrait of Painter Kehinde Wiley On Film

by: The WILD

An intimate new documentary from PBS reveals the work and life of painter, and our COLORs issue interviewee, Kehinde Wiley.

Tags: art documentary, Colors Issue, Kehinde Wiley, PBS, the WILD

Art Talks with Zev Rector and Jay Miriam

by: The WILD

Painting duo Jay and Zev talk about their collaborative works and their outside influences.

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Jay Miriam, Painting, the WILD, Youth Issue, Zev Rector

MADE Fashion Week: Koonhor Spring 2015

by: Kacie Tomita

Koonhor's SS15 collection says goodbye to delicate fringe and modest Sunday hats, these ladies are ready for the future of femininity.

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Kacie Tomita, Koonhor, NYFW, Spring 2015, SS15, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.23.42 PM

Gallery Spy: Why So Serious?

by: Kate Messinger

No one likes emotion in the gallery, but these 5 shows might actually tickle an eyebrow raise out of your oh-so-serious robot face.

Tags: Dan Colon, future feminist, Gallery Spy, Kate Messinger, Rob Pruitt, The HOLE, the WILD, Wayne White
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.32.09 AM

Watch Ty Segall’s Eyebrow-Raising New Music Video

by: Claire Voon

Manipulate Ty Segall in his new interactive music video.

Tags: Claire Voon, Manipulator, music, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, Ty Segall

Blogger of the Week: Jaclyn Johnson of Some Notes On Napkins

by: Angelica Ramirez

The WILD takes a weekly look behind the camera at some of your favorite street style bloggers. This week we talk with Jaclyn Johnson of Some Notes On Napkins.

Tags: (no subject), Angelica Ramirez, Blogger of the Week, create + cultivate, Jaclyn Johnson, some notes on napkins, the WILD
Nick by Ashley Noelle)

Inside the Head and Hats of Nick Fouquet

by: Isaac Perez Solano

L.A.'s hat maker Nick Fouquet always follows the adventure.

Tags: hat maker, hats, Nick Fouquet, the WILD, WILD PROFILES

Behind the Scenes: Patrik Ervell SS15

by: Jerome Ison

Patrik Ervell's SS15 men's collection is Brit punk meets blue collar.

Tags: Behind The Scenes, bts, Jerome Ison, menswear, NYFW, Patrik Ervell, SS15, the WILD

Behind the Scenes: Robert Geller SS15

by: Jerome Ison

Robert Geller brings texture and class to NYFW with his SS15 collection.

Tags: Jerome Ison, menswear, NYFW, Robert Geller, SS15, the WILD
Rianne for The WILD

Behind The Scenes: Rianne Ten Haken WILD Cover Shoot

by: Nicole Zane

Get behind the scenes with supermodel Rianne Ten Haken.

Tags: cover, MOTION Issue, Rianne Ten Haken, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, video.

Gareth Pugh Invaded NYFW with an Avant Garde Dance Show

by: Nicole Zane

Gareth Pugh debuted his S/S 15 collection with a ground-breaking experience in lower Manhattan.

Tags: avant garde, Gareth Pugh, Lexus, NYFW, performance, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Behind The Scenes: Zana Bayne SS15

by: Jerome Ison

Zana Bayne's SS15 collection perfectly melds sexality, seduction and sweetness.

Tags: bondage, NYFW, SS15, the WILD, Zana Bayne

Behind The Scenes: VFILES SS15

by: Jerome Ison

Take a backstage look at another ultra cool show from VFILES' SS15 collection.

Tags: back stage, Behind The Scenes, Jerome Ison, NYFW, SS15, the WILD, VFILES

Artist of the Week: Aaron Johnson

by: Kate Messinger

Brooklyn artist Aaron Johnson imagines grotesque beauty with dirty socks and monstrous creatures.

Tags: Aaron Johnson, Artist of the week, sock art, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 5.15.42 PM

Artist Chloe Wise Stimulates In All Ways Possible

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Get to know hilarious artist Chloe Wise and the intimate situation she would like Jeff Koons to sculpt of her and a Toxic era Britney Spears

Tags: ART, Chloe Wise, hallah backpack girl, Isaac Perez Solano, the WILD, WILD Profile
Graham-low res

Visual Interview: A Poetic Interlude with Eric Amling

by: Michael Valinsky

Eric Amling explores the visual possibilities of evocative lines of poetry.

Tags: Eric Amling, Michael Valinsky, Poetry, the WILD, Visual Interview

Art Talks with Melissa Murray

by: Kate Messinger

"Sometimes the truth is inappropriate."

Tags: Bestiary Benefit Auction, Kate Messinger, Melissa Murray, Painting, the WILD
the wild wild nights west indian day parade Madeleine Cooke

WILD Nights: Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade

by: The WILD

Photographer Madeleine Cooke of Brooklyn hit Eastern Parkway this Labor Day to capture all the colorful street style of the West Indian Day Parade.

Tags: Brooklyn, Madeleine Cooke, style, the WILD, west indian day parade, WILD Nights
the wild gallery spy

Gallery Spy: Fashun/Art/Fun

by: Kate Messinger

Tread lightly and carry a big bottle of rosé.

Tags: Gallery Spy, Kate Messinger, NYFW, NYFW art, the WILD

Artist of The Week: Coco Dolle on Her Feminist Group Show Milk and Night

by: Kate Messinger

We speak with Coco Dole, a performance artist and co-curator of the expansive feminist group show Milk and Night, about crashing fashion week and bringing new feminism to the art world.

Tags: betty tompkins, Coco Dolle, Feminism, feminist art, Gallery Sensei, Jemima Kirke, Kate Messinger, MIlk and Night, NYFW art, the WILD, threeASFOUR

ENFANTS RICHES DÉPRIMÉS Fall/Winter Campaign Video by White Film

by: Nicole Zane

ENFANTS RICHES DÉPRIMÉS new video combines French counterculture and Japanese aesthetics.

Tags: Campaign, clothing, Deconstruction, ENFANTS RICHES DÉPRIMÉS, Fashion, French, Leather, Los Angeles, Parisian, punk, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, tshirts, video., White Film

5 Projects We Wish Had Happened

by: Michael Valinsky

E-Flux's Agency of Unrealized Projects aspires to archive works that have never come to be.

Tags: Agency of Unrealized Projects, cool ideas, Michael Valinsky, the WILD, unrealized projects
kent andreasen the wild

Kent Andreasen’s Pristine Photography

by: Michael Valinsky

South African photographer Kent Andreasen highlights the world's naturally occurring geometries through pictures.

Tags: Arts, Kent Andreasen, photography, the WILD
gap bumm

GAP’S Fall “Dress Normal” Campaign
Gets a Cinematic Touch

by: Nicole Zane

Gap's latest campaign is telling us all
to dress normal through film noir.

Tags: Campaign, David Fincher, Fall, Fashion, Film, Gap, Nicole Zane, Noir, Normal, normcore, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Exploring Tonya Ingram’s Poetic Character

by: Haley Houseman

Award winning spoken word poet Tonya Ingram strives to be a living example of character and love.

Tags: Growl & Snare, Haley Houseman, Poetry, spoken word poetry, the WILD, Tonya Ingram
Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.51.57 PM

Find Somebody with Miranda July’s New App

by: Kate Messinger

Indie director/actor darling, Miranda July, is finding a new way to connect with an app that delivers your text message in person.

Tags: Kate Messinger, Miranda July, Somebody app, the WILD, Venice Film Festival

Vogue Italia’s September Issue Features 50 Supermodels

by: Nicole Zane

Vogue Italia blows all the other Vogue mags out of the water.

Tags: Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Models, Naomi Campbell, Natalia Vodianova, Nostalgia, September, September issue, Supermodels, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, vintage, Vogue, VOGUE ITALIA


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