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tom butler the wild magazine

Tom Butler Brings New Life to Old Photographs

by: Michael Valinsky

Tom Butler's augmented vintage photography at AIPAD makes us rethink the modern approach to the world of film.

Tags: AIPAD, Albumen prints, Michael Valinsky, photography, the WILD, Tom Butler
rudy de amicis wtf the wild rude boys

RUDE BOYS: Rudy de Amicis

by: Kate Messinger

Catch up with Rudy de Amicis, one of the RUDE BOYS of the WTF issue, whose art is far from tame.

Tags: Kate Messinger, painter, Rude Boys, Rudy de Amicis, tattoo artist, the WILD, WTF Issue

Taming Textiles with Brooklyn’s Aelfie

by: Anna Furman

Bushwick's rug designer Aelfie gives us the low down on finding the perfect textile from Morocco to Brooklyn.

Tags: aelfie rugs, tapestry, textiles, the WILD
kevin truong gay men project the wild

WILD Profile: Kevin Truong, Everything and Nothing

by: Isaac Perez Solano

We get comfortable with Kevin Truong, photographer and activist who has been documenting men around the world on his blog, Gay Men Project.

Tags: Gay Men Project, Isaac Perez Solano, Kevin Truong, the WILD, WILD Profile
klara kristalova the wild

Klara Kristalova, Between Girlhood and the Underworld

by: Lydia Gysing

Czech-born, Sweden-raised sculptor Klara Kristalova is making her mark in the art world with two simultaneous New York shows at Galerie Perrotin and Lehmann Maupin.

Tags: ceramics, Klara Kristalova, Lydia Gysing, Sculpture, the WILD
gallery spy the wild magazine

Gallery Spy: Gettin’ Hot in Herre (kinda)

by: Kate Messinger

Did you hear about the California radio station that only played Nelly's "Hot in Herre" for two days straight? This is a valuable lesson: If you say it, it will come. And if it doesn't, say it over and over and over again.

Tags: 55 gansevort, AHAlife, Akila Berjaoui, Gallery Spy, Hasted Kraeutler, hotel particular, human gallery nyc, Rómulo Celdrán, the WILD
dan molloy the wild tattoo

Artist Of The Week: Dan Molloy of WA Ink

by: Marco Annunziata

21 year old Tattoo artist Dan Molloy of Australia's WA Ink is bringing a fresh look to stylized portraiture with highly detailed pop culture inspired tattoos.

Tags: Artist of the week, Marco Annunziata, tattoo, tattoo artist, the WILD
brad elterman the wild photography interview

Dog Dance: A Conversation with Rock & Roll Photographer Brad Elterman

by: Marco Annunziata

From intimate hangouts with Joan Jett to back stage smoking with The Ramones to personal shots of Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson, iconic photographer Brad Elterman has documented the glory days of rock and roll with a candid photography style that makes us all melt with nostalgia. We speak to the artist about his divine ability to bring us back stage, and back in time, with his portraits.

Tags: Brad Elterman, Interviews, Madonna, Marco Annunziata, photography, Rock and Roll, The Ramones, the runnaways, the WILD
simon bus the wild profile

WILD Profile: Simon Bus, Death, Fever & Nintendo 64

by: Julia Lola Wang

Get to know the moves of the Netherland's Simon Bus, a videographer & dancer who knows the importance of unhappiness and David Bowie.

Tags: dance, Julia Lola Wang, Simon Bus, the WILD, Wedovoodoo, WILD Profile
hungry castle the wild magazine

Artist Of The Week: Kill and Dave of Hungry Castle

by: Kate Messinger

Get in the heads of Barcelona based artist collective Hungry Castle, who's larger than life sculptures, from Big Bird to Lionel Richie are giving the world a cheeky, but innovative, art experience. We catch up with creators Kill and Dave about everything from dick pics to lawsuits.

Tags: ART, Artist of the week, Cool Shit, Hungry Castle, Kate Messinger, Lionel Richie's head, the WILD