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The Truth Behind Buttercup Bill

by: Kate Messinger

The WILD speaks with Émilie Richard-Froozan and Rémy Bennett, the directors and writers behind the new Indie film, Buttercup Bill.

Tags: buttercup bill, director, Émilie Richard-Froozan, Film, Rémy Bennett, the WILD

Primal Paper: A Visual Interview with Ben Giles

by: The WILD

Ben Giles, the young British collage master, answers deep questions through hand-made visuals for the ANIMAL Issue.

Tags: Ben Giles, Bestiary Benefit Auction, collage, the WILD, Visual Interview
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Art Talks with Julia Westerbeke

by: Kate Messinger

Bay Area born artist Julia Westerbeke find fantastical forms through a variety of textures, creating work that comes alive.

Tags: art talks, Julia Westerbeke, Kate Messinger, the WILD

Mundane details about Erik Hart and Tati Leshkina

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Image-making duo HART+LËSHKINA know how to blow your mind.

Tags: ART, HART+LËSHKINA, Isaac Perez Solano, NYC, photography, the WILD, WILD Profile
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Gallery Spy: Fall For Art

by: Kate Messinger

Fall in love with these 5 art shows before they wither and die like everything else.

Tags: fall art, galleries, Gallery Spy, Genieve Figgis, Kate Messinger, Mike Kelley, Satan Ceramics, the WILD

Best of the NY Art Book Fair

by: Michael Valinsky

We've got our top list of independent presses to check out from the art book fair at MOMA PS1 this weekend.

Tags: art book, independent press, NY Art Book Fair, the WILD
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Behind William Latta’s Many Layers

by: Kate Messinger

Painter William Latta uses layered textures of paint to create unique canvases that elicit consideration and debate.

Tags: eli ping frances perkins, Painting, the WILD, william latta
Ari Seth Cohen advanced style the wild

Behind the Boa: An Interview with Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style

by: Kate Messinger

The WILD speaks with Ari Seth Cohen, the man behind the fashion blog Advanced Style, about the new documentary, the lavish ladies and how style gets better with age.

Tags: Advanced Style, Ari Seth Cohen, Emily Kirkpatrick, Film, Kate Messinger, Livia Coulias Blanc, style blog, the WILD

Sketching the Runway with Cédric Rivrain

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Cédric Rivrain's illustrations capture beauty on and off the runway.

Tags: Cédric Rivrain, Fashion Illustration, illustrator, Isaac Perez Solano, the WILD, WILD Profile

SILENT by Damir Doma Fall/Winter 2014 Video

by: Nicole Zane

Silent by Damir Doma's latest trippy film shows this season's latest offerings set to a moody EDM backdrop.

Tags: Androgynous, Bauhaus, Damir Doma, Fall, Futurism, Minimalism, Silent by Damir Doma, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, video.

Surrender to Otherness, An Interview with Nick Cave

by: Kate Messinger

For The ANIMAL Issue we speak to artist Nick Cave about uniting communities through performance and creating wearable beasts out of found and recycled materials.

Tags: Animal Issue, Artist, heard nyc, Jack Shainman, Kate Messinger, Nick Cave, Ryan Lowry, soundsuits, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Betabrand Unveils The Suitsy

by: Nicole Zane

This new fashion creation marries a business suit with pajamas. Tell us more...

Tags:, Business Casual, gentleman, Jesse Herzog, Jumpsuit, San Francisco, The Suitsy, the WILD

Coach Debuts their Second Fall Ad Campaign

by: Nicole Zane

Coach's latest fall campaign features an edgier look and the coolest, new emerging talent.

Tags: Banks, Campaign, Christopher Abbot, Coach, Dreamers, Fall, Mikael Jansson, New York, Odeya Rush, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, Zoe Kravitz

Art Talks with Paulina Otylie Surys

by: Aleksandra Klicka

Polish born artist Paulina Otylie Surys follows the details, no matter how strange.

Tags: ART, art talks, Paulina Otylie Surys, the WILD, WILD Profile

Art Talks with Elizabeth Huey

by: The WILD

Painter Elizabeth Huey captures social dynamics in expressionless faces and colorful scenery.

Tags: ART, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Elizabeth Huey, paintings, the WILD

No Sass: Photay Opens Up On Debut Album

by: Claire Voon

We sat down with Photay, the project of 21-year-old Evan Shornstein, to discuss his recent record release.

Tags: Claire Voon, Evan Shornstein, interview, music, Photay, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Magnificent Man, An Interview with Zachary Quinto

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

ANIMAL issue cover star Zachary Quinto of Star Trek takes a confident yet laissez-faire stance in the face of an increasingly chaotic future.

Tags: Animal Issue, Emily Kirkpatrick, Heroes, Star Trek, Tetsu Kubota, the WILD, Zachary Quinto

A Portrait of Painter Kehinde Wiley On Film

by: The WILD

An intimate new documentary from PBS reveals the work and life of painter, and our COLORs issue interviewee, Kehinde Wiley.

Tags: art documentary, Colors Issue, Kehinde Wiley, PBS, the WILD

Art Talks with Zev Rector and Jay Miriam

by: The WILD

Painting duo Jay and Zev talk about their collaborative works and their outside influences.

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Jay Miriam, Painting, the WILD, Youth Issue, Zev Rector

MADE Fashion Week: Koonhor Spring 2015

by: Kacie Tomita

Koonhor's SS15 collection says goodbye to delicate fringe and modest Sunday hats, these ladies are ready for the future of femininity.

Tags: Behind The Scenes, Kacie Tomita, Koonhor, NYFW, Spring 2015, SS15, the WILD
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Gallery Spy: Why So Serious?

by: Kate Messinger

No one likes emotion in the gallery, but these 5 shows might actually tickle an eyebrow raise out of your oh-so-serious robot face.

Tags: Dan Colon, future feminist, Gallery Spy, Kate Messinger, Rob Pruitt, The HOLE, the WILD, Wayne White
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Watch Ty Segall’s Eyebrow-Raising New Music Video

by: Claire Voon

Manipulate Ty Segall in his new interactive music video.

Tags: Claire Voon, Manipulator, music, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, Ty Segall

Blogger of the Week: Jaclyn Johnson of Some Notes On Napkins

by: Angelica Ramirez

The WILD takes a weekly look behind the camera at some of your favorite street style bloggers. This week we talk with Jaclyn Johnson of Some Notes On Napkins.

Tags: (no subject), Angelica Ramirez, Blogger of the Week, create + cultivate, Jaclyn Johnson, some notes on napkins, the WILD
Nick by Ashley Noelle)

Inside the Head and Hats of Nick Fouquet

by: Isaac Perez Solano

L.A.'s hat maker Nick Fouquet always follows the adventure.

Tags: hat maker, hats, Nick Fouquet, the WILD, WILD PROFILES

Behind the Scenes: Patrik Ervell SS15

by: Jerome Ison

Patrik Ervell's SS15 men's collection is Brit punk meets blue collar.

Tags: Behind The Scenes, bts, Jerome Ison, menswear, NYFW, Patrik Ervell, SS15, the WILD

Behind the Scenes: Robert Geller SS15

by: Jerome Ison

Robert Geller brings texture and class to NYFW with his SS15 collection.

Tags: Jerome Ison, menswear, NYFW, Robert Geller, SS15, the WILD
Rianne for The WILD

Behind The Scenes: Rianne Ten Haken WILD Cover Shoot

by: Nicole Zane

Get behind the scenes with supermodel Rianne Ten Haken.

Tags: cover, MOTION Issue, Rianne Ten Haken, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, video.

Gareth Pugh Invaded NYFW with an Avant Garde Dance Show

by: Nicole Zane

Gareth Pugh debuted his S/S 15 collection with a ground-breaking experience in lower Manhattan.

Tags: avant garde, Gareth Pugh, Lexus, NYFW, performance, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Behind The Scenes: Zana Bayne SS15

by: Jerome Ison

Zana Bayne's SS15 collection perfectly melds sexality, seduction and sweetness.

Tags: bondage, NYFW, SS15, the WILD, Zana Bayne

Behind The Scenes: VFILES SS15

by: Jerome Ison

Take a backstage look at another ultra cool show from VFILES' SS15 collection.

Tags: back stage, Behind The Scenes, Jerome Ison, NYFW, SS15, the WILD, VFILES


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