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Timur Kim Has Designed the Perfect Selfie T-Shirt

by: Nicole Zane

Timur Kim has created t-shirts to compliment your selfie.

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Doug Abraham Gives Next Models a New Look

by: Nicole Zane

The man behind @bessnyc4 is giving Next
Models his signature treatment.

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Lara Stone Takes It Off For Calvin Klein

by: Nicole Zane

Lara Stone and Matt Terry star in Calvin Klein's
fall social media driven campaign.

Tags: Calvin Klein, CK, Fall 2014, Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Marky Mark, Matt Terry, Mert & Marcus, My Calvins, mycalvins, the WILD, The Wild Magazine
Nowhere Bus, 2014, acrylic and glass tile on wood, 48x60

Word: Play with Samuel Jablon

by: Alejandro Jassan

Samuel Jablon's work isn’t exactly poetry, painting or sculpture: it is a crossing of senses that opens a new way of seeing.

Tags: Freight and VOlume, Painting, Poetry, Samuel Jablon, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.55.42 PM

Gordon Holden at Lyons Weir Gallery

by: Kate Messinger

Irreverently hilarious artist Gordon Holden gives memes shelf life IRL in his new solo show 1 HOUR PHOTO.

Tags: 1 HOUR PHOTO, Gordon Holden, lyons weir gallery, the WILD

Art Talks with Jenni Crain, Curator of A Place To Rest While In Motion

by: Kate Messinger

A weekend long pop-up group show at Dossier Outpost with work by Jenni Crain, Adam Kremer, Chris Fernald, and Heather McKenna explores the suspended space of "in-between."

Tags: A place to rest while in motion, adam kremer, Chris Fernald, Dossier Outpost, group show, Heather McKenna, jenni crain, the WILD
photo 1

Visual Interview: Trevor Kiernander

by: Michael Valinsky

Answering both in words and images, Trevor Kiernander thinks about the ways in which his work translates into architecture of the canvas.

Tags: Answering both in words and images, Michael Valinsky, the WILD, Trevor Kiernander, Visual Interview
wild profile felix Treadwell

WILD Profile: Felix Treadwell

by: Kate Messinger

Still a student, Treadwell paints people in a serene state.

Tags: Felix Treadwell, Isaac Perez Solano, the WILD, WILD PROFILES

Lanvin: I Love You

by: Nicole Zane

Rizzoli's upcoming volume brings you inside
the world of Lanvin's creative director.

Tags: book, Displays, Fancifu, I Love You, Lanvin, Parisian, Rizzoli, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, Window

Charlotte Gainsbourg x Current Elliott

by: Nicole Zane

Charlotte Gainsbourg teams up with Current/Elliot to make collections that mimic her personal style.

Tags: Charlotte Gainsbourg, collaboration, Current Elliott, denim, Edgy, Fall 2014, French, Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, Timeless

Customize Nail Wraps from your Phone with myNCLA

by: Nicole Zane

Put your Instagram feed on your fingertips
with new mobile app myNCLA

Tags: Application, beauty, brand, Fashion, Los Angeles, myNCLA, nail art. nails, nail wraps, NCLA, New, personalize, Simple, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, trend
adam wallace the wild

Adam Erick Wallace Brings the Sea Home with a New Photo-Poetry Book

by: Kate Messinger

Artist and musician Adam Erick Wallace's hand bound photo-poetry book is as transcendent as its muse.

Tags: "Past the Crossroads into the Sea", Adam Wallace, photography, Poetry, the WILD

Anthony Zinonos’ Collage in Motion

by: Kate Messinger

Anthony Zinonos captures humanity and geometry in clean collage and iconic GIFs.

Tags: Anthony Zinonos, collage, Kate Messinger, the WILD
Josh Elrod archive

WILD Profile: Josh Elrod

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Josh Elrod is making art while giving reality bites.

Tags: Josh Elrod, Rox Gallery, the WILD, WILD PROFILES
the wild James Ostrer

James Ostrer’s Photo Series at Gazelli Art House is Not So Sweet

by: Kate Messinger

English photographer James Ostrer doesn't sugarcoat the subject of mass production. He just coats himself.

Tags: Candy, Gazelli Art House, James Ostrer, Kate Messinger, photography, processed food, the WILD, Wotsit All About
the wild halves Agustín Díaz

Art Talks with Agustín Díaz

by: Kate Messinger

Spanish artist Agustín Díaz discusses both sides of his new photo series, Halves.

Tags: Agustín Díaz, art talks, halves, photography, the WILD

Surf Meets Punk in Sean Bernhardt’s Bad Ass Illustrations

by: The WILD

Based in New Jersey, apparel collective Evil Paradise is making waves in the most untraditional of ways.

Tags: evil paradise, sean bernhardt, surfing, the WILD
john early the wild literally me

Pretending to be Serious with Comedian John Early

by: Kate Messinger

Actor, comedian and filmmaker John Early talks terror on the eve of his comedy show Literally Me.

Tags: Comedian, Daniel Rampula, Interviews, John Early, Kate Berlant, Kate Messinger, Literally Me, the WILD, Virgil

Artist of the Week: Chris Bors

by: Michael Valinsky

New York based artist Chris Bors blurs the lines between the autobiographical and the childhood myth.

Tags: Artist of the week, chris bors, Michael Valinsky, the WILD
Eliza swann the wild

WILD Profile: Eliza Swann

by: Hillary Sproul

This L.A. painter/performer/videographer also's got her hands in tarot.

Tags: Artist, eliza swann, Hillary Sproul, tarot, the WILD
Valentina Alvarado - Photo by - Linda Melendez

WILD Profile: Valentina Alvarado

by: Isaac Perez Solano

This Venezuelan's works on paper are anything but plain.

Tags: Isaac Perez Solano, the WILD, Valentina Alvarado, wild prodile
the watermill benefit photographs jose ginarte

WILD Nights: The Watermill Center Summer Benefit

by: The WILD

José Ginarte documents a night of performance and art at the Watermill Center.

Tags: Jose Ginarte, robert wilson, The Watermill Center, the watermill center summer benefit, the WILD, WILD Nights
the wild alexandra gavillet

Art Talks with Alexandra Gavillet

by: Michael Valinsky

New York based photographer explores the space between the physical photograph and it’s constant digital redefinitions.

Tags: Alexandra Gavillet, art talks, Glitché, photography, the WILD
andrej andreja pejic the wild

Serbian Model Andreja Pejic Comes Out as Trans Woman

by: The WILD

Our YOUTH cover model is pushing the boundaries of fashion towards a new, bright future.

Tags: Andrej Pejic, andreja pejic, the WILD, transgender
the wild Johann Bouché-Pillon

Artist of the Week: Johann Bouché-Pillon

by: Kate Messinger

Parisian photographer Johann Bouché-Pillon gives us a flash behind the lens.

Tags: Artist of the week, Johann Bouché-Pillon, photography, the WILD
ana kras the wild

Art Talks with Ana Kraš

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Two new exhibitions reveal the Serbian artist's intricate past time.

Tags: Ana Kraš, Ed Varie, Mothers with Spoons, the WILD
Sam Friedman

Summer Mixer Shakes It Up

by: The WILD

Take a look inside Joshua Liner Gallery's group show, Summer Mixer, featuring works from Robert Larson, Sam Friedman and more.

Tags: Andrew Schoultz, Erin M. Riley, Guy Yanai, joshua liner gallery, Kristen Schiele, Michael Theodore, Robert Larson, Sam Friedman, summer mixer, the WILD
alex prager the wild film

[WATCH] Alex Prager’s Face In A Crowd

by: Kate Messinger

Nowness gives a sneak peak into the L.A. photographer and film maker's newest theatrically voyeuristic film.

Tags: alex prager, face in a crowd, Film, Nowness, the WILD
art southampton the wild art fairs

What to See at Art Southampton

by: The WILD

The art fair goes on vacation.

Tags: art fairs, art southampton, Best of, the WILD
asger carlsen the wild photography

Body Morphing with Asger Carlsen

by: The WILD

Exploring the future body in bizarre photo manipulation.

Tags: ART, Asger Carlsen, body, mutant, photography, the WILD