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WILD SCREENINGS: Godfrey Reggio’s Visitors

by: Hillary Sproul

Godfrey Reggio’s Visitors, presented by Steven Soderbergh, is not a film that will immediately engage you. But rather, it seeps into your skin. Or perhaps your contemporary, technology-raddled little heart.

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Spring 2013 WILD Fashion

The Future of Fashion: Givenchy Menswear Spring 2014

by: Mario Rodriguez

Givenchy’s Menswear Spring 2014 collection embarks the brand on a journey towards 360-degree style revolution. A liberating adventure that doesn’t only push limits, but, more importantly, gifts the viewer with a one-way ticket towards a […]

Tags: 2014, Africa, C. JoyBell C., collection, Futurism, Givenchy, L.A. Skaters, Mario Rodriguez, Men's, review, Riccardo Tisci, Spring, Summer, Technology
hong kong phone booth

Payphone (R)Evolution

by: Kate Mottola

In the beginning of December, Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a public call for ideas to reinvent the handful of phone booths throughout New York City. A mere fifteen years ago the city boasted 35,000 of […]

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Wade Guyton WILD mag arts

Between Art and Technology

by: Julia Cheung

For many modern artists, Wade Guyton’s work presents a point of contention. Just a decade into his career, Guyton has been producing work that is difficult to place. Critics often refer to his pieces as […]

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Press Play Pause doc

Press Pause Play: The Digital Revolution

by: Joseph Johnson

This week saw the floatation of Facebook on the stock market after its owners placed a value of more than $100 billion on the social networking business. The historic debut meant over 1,000 investors in […]

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Masta Ace Wild Mag

Words From A Masta

by: Joseph Johnson

The city of Derby in England is not exactly a hip-hop Mecca, but on Monday night legendary New York emcee, Masta Ace, braved the cold wind and the pouring rain to perform an intimate show to […]

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The Delancey Underground

The Delancey Underground or: The LowLine

by: Blaine Skrainka

Of the endless amenities afforded to the burghal dwellers of New York City, green space is one that comes at a premium. Urban planners the world over are having to consider new paradigms of metropolitan […]

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steve jobs

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

by: Blaine Skrainka

It is hard to imagine many others that embody the word visionary more than Steve Jobs. He brought his dreams to life, and undoubtedly shaped how we interact with the modern world. Rather than digging […]

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