corwin peck the wild magazine

WILD Profile: Corwin Peck, Not Enough Websites

by: Michael Valinsky

See how this California born artist takes the Internet to a whole new level.

Tags: Corwin Peck, glitch, Kate Messinger, Social Media, Technology, The Wild Magazine, video.
christopher beckman the wild

Calling the Shadow Self: Christopher Beckman’s Technology Driven Work

by: Kate Messinger

We speak to sculptor, painter, and collage artist Christopher Beckman about his upcoming work in the Whitney Museum's Artparty fundraiser, his ever-changing style, and his tumultuous relationship with his cell phone.

Tags: artist interviews, Artsy, black berry, christopher beckman, Holographic, mixed media, Technology, the whitney museum, The Wild Magazine, whitney art party
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WILD SCREENINGS: Godfrey Reggio’s Visitors

by: Hillary Esther Sproul

Godfrey Reggio’s Visitors, presented by Steven Soderbergh, is not a film that will immediately engage you. But rather, it seeps into your skin. Or perhaps your contemporary, technology-raddled little heart.

Tags: art film, Film, godfrey reggio, Hillary Sproul, Philip Glass, Steven Soderbergh, Technology, visitors