Serena Qiu

Performa Visionaries lead tours and feasts to bring a new view on performance art

Performa Visionaries: Seeing Performance Art From A New Angle

by: Serena Qiu

Museum memberships are incredibly gratifying in whichever tier one participates, not simply for the euphoria of charity, but because it creates a self-selecting community for the philanthropically inclined and intellectually hungry. Also, it reveals avenues […]

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BOFFO paddle8 Narcissist Ball

BOFFO’s Narcissists Ball: Vanity for the sake of the greater good

by: Serena Qiu

For its benefit this year, the nonprofit arts organization BOFFO is presenting its supporters with a menu of charitable ways to indulge one’s vanity. The event, winsomely called the Narcissists Ball, includes an auction that […]

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Serena Qiu

Serena Qiu

by: The WILD

Name: Serena Qiu Occupation: Art Writer Where you were born: Beijing Where you live now: Brooklyn What are you currently working on? My fifth attempt to finish War and Peace, and cooking presentably. What does […]

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Volta art show

Stunning Works by Four Female Artists at Volta

by: Serena Qiu

In the commotion that has been dubbed Armory Week, we hope you got to see Volta, one of the younger and more experimental of the art fair-siblings. Volta NY this year was the fair’s fifth […]

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Five Armory Favorites

by: Serena Qiu

The whirlwind of the Armory show is over. Here is a list of 5 of our favorites, whether you want to compare notes, or you didn’t get a chance to see it all for yourself. […]

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Philip Treacy book

A Hat-Maker and His Photographer: Philip Treacy by Ken Davies, Phaidon Press

by: Serena Qiu

The long-overdue monograph on the influential milliner Philip Treacy arrived as a delicate and quiet volume that sneaks beneath the glossy and immobile surfaces of high fashion to animate a man and his hats. Treacy—who […]

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Pattern book

The Ghost of Fashion Present: PATTERN, Phaidon Press

by: Serena Qiu

A survey book of contemporary fashion faces the hard task of convincing its reader not only of its authority and soundness in judgment, but also of its enduring relevance in an industry that is defined […]

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Brooklyn Bridge

Proudly Taking to his Heels: Jacob Tobia’s High-Heeled Run for Charity across the Brooklyn Bridge

by: Serena Qiu

Jacob Tobia has an unapologetic (and frankly, unforgettable) stride, and a physical build to suggest an aptitude for running competitively. Last December, he employed both in an inspired fundraiser for the Sandy-devastated Ali Forney Center, […]

Tags: Ali Forney Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Christy Kim, Duke University, Jacob Tobia, LGBT, Sandy, Serena Qiu

In the studio with Anne-Lise Coste

by: Serena Qiu

French-born Anne-Lise Coste is a painterly poet and poetic painter whose text-based works are teasingly familiar and not completely legible. Her practice migrates in medium and motif, but there is something persistently introspective or perhaps […]

Tags: Alina Blumis, Anna-Lise Coste, Gregor Staiger, Helen Toomer, Joan Miró, Picasso, Serena Qiu, Stuttgart, Susanne Hilberry, Toomer Labzda
Leo Marz

False Replicas: Leo Marz’s Dead Ringers at Steve Turner Contemporary

by: Serena Qiu

This first U.S. exhibition by Monterrey-based Leo Marz boasts of the artist’s familiarity and dexterity in manipulating cultural imagery and text. Dead Ringers is a multi-part and poly-media exhibition at Steve Turner Contemporary that adopts […]

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