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Korean Reunification on a Personal Level

by: Roxanne Fequiere

North Korea has been at the center of a slew of international headlines over the past few weeks. The nation’s much-maligned recent nuclear test and increasingly aggressive threats have global tensions running high, but for […]

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MULU Charity organization and shopping

Do Your Share: Mulu’s Charity-Driven Shopping

by: Roxanne Fequiere

No matter how we spend our time on the Internet–playing games, listening to music, reading articles, connecting with friends–we’re inundated with requests to share our activities with various social networks. In fact, our penchant for […]

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Ralph Lauren Team USA

Far Too Little, Way Too Late: An Olympic Outrage

by: Roxanne Fequiere

When images of Team USA’s Ralph Lauren-designed Olympic uniforms began making the rounds in anticipation of this year’s opening ceremonies, most of the ensuing debate appeared to focus on sartorial quibbles, like the perceived anachronism […]

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Maura Grace Ambrose's Modern Heirlooms

Maura Grace Ambrose’s Modern Heirlooms

by: Roxanne Fequiere

Maura Grace Ambrose maintains a pretty solid social media presence. In addition to interacting with customers and admirers via Twitter and Facebook, her blog is an ongoing record of her daily life, including visual snippets […]

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Denim, Evolved

by: Roxanne Fequiere

From quotidian laborer’s garment to artfully rendered status piece and back again, jeans have run the gamut of the fashion spectrum. There are innumerable options to choose from, but no matter what wash and fit […]

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London's first Slow Style Consultancy

Building an Eco-Conscious Closet

by: Roxanne Fequiere

Depending on how you look at it, the promises that we make to ourselves at the start of each year can be inspiring or daunting. While losing weight, keeping a journal, and reading more often […]

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Fair-Trade and Cruelty-Free: Love Is Mighty Footwear

Fair-Trade and Cruelty-Free: Love Is Mighty Footwear

by: Roxanne Fequiere

With several freelance design projects, work displayed at the MOMA, and a self-started clothing line and educational non-profit organization under her belt, multitasking seems to come naturally to fashion designer and fine artist Monisha Raja. […]

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Donna Karan’s Unfortunate Ad Campaign

by: Roxanne Fequiere

For an industry that’s predicated on creating appealing imagery, it’s surprising to see how often fashion campaigns and editorials miss their mark completely. It seems as if a new controversy makes the rounds every week, […]

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Bid4Friends Charity Photography Auction

Bid4Friends Charity Photography Auction – Ending Soon!

by: Roxanne Fequiere

Considering that the impetus for Friends Without a Border, an organization dedicated to raising money for Cambodia’s Angkor Hospital for Children, arose from a photography project featuring far-flung religious monuments, it seems fitting that their […]

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E-Commerce With a Conscience

by: Roxanne Fequiere

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s probably safe to say that your inbox, radio, television, and local shopping centers have recently become flooded with enticements to shop. If you choose to engage in the process […]

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