Odalisque 2011

Nan Goldin’s Scopophilia Shows a Love of Looking

by: Yanyan Huang

"All of the pleasure circuits deeply fulfilled by looking"

Tags: gagosian, gallery, Nan Goldin, Rome, Scopophilia, the WILD, Yanyan Huang
Julian Vassallo interview WILD mag profile

WILD Profile: Julian Vassallo, Self-Portrait

by: The WILD

Name: Julian Vassallo Where he was born: Malta Where he lives now: Rome, Italy What he does: Architecture student and part-time photographer What are he is currently working on: I’m mainly a self-portrait artist, so […]

Tags: Decapitated, DSLR, Gojira, Italy, Julian Vassallo, Malta, photography, Rome, WILD PROFILES
Adam Whitney Nichols


by: Guillaume Boulez

Who: Adam Whitney Nichols,  writer, artist, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Fortnight Journal Where: Tunbridge, Vermont; East Village, New York City Photo by: Nicole Casanova What’s on his mind today: I am writing you from the […]

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