Robin Newman

Clump TV drag webseries the wild Self

Drag + Art + Web = Clump TV

by: Robin Newman

Susan Sontag, Drag and babies–it’s all relevant on the new Clump TV, a multi-faceted Web series organized and curated by Brooklynite Colin Self. The trans-disciplinary show is named after and formed from the Brooklyn drag […]

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My Barbarian The Mother Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Masks and Mothers from My Barbarian

by: Robin Newman

Currently a solo exhibit by performance collective My Barbarian is being held at the Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects gallery in Los Angeles. Photo by Robert Wedemeyer The show’s title “Universal Declaration of Infantile Anxiety […]

Tags: Alexandro Segade, Jade Gordon, LA Art, Malik Gaines, My Barbarian, Robin Newman, Universal Declaration of Infantile Anxiety Situations Reflected in the Creative Impulse, Vielmatter
Marc Selwyn Gallery Clarissa Dalrymple LA emerging artists the wild art

Emerging Artists Bring a New Touch to Minimalism

by: Robin Newman

Clarissa Dalrymple, currator of this month’s group show at the Marc Selwyn Gallery in Los Angeles,  is renowned in the art world for her ability to discover and nurture young artists, one of which being the world […]

Tags: Adam McEwen, Brie Ruais, Clarissa Dalrymple, Keith Sonnier, Los Angeles Art, Louise Bourgeois, Marc Selwyn Gallery, Matthew Barney, Robin Newman, The Wild Magazine
Liz Craft Temple of Folly LAND LA Art Public art,

The Teepee is Watching You in Liz Craft’s “Temple of Folly”

by: Robin Newman

It is a unfortunate truth that public art in modern times is often a bourgeois spectacle, which makes the installation by Liz Craft at the West Hollywood Park all the more momentous. Her sculptural installation, […]

Tags: LA Art, LAND, Liz Craft, MOCA, public art, Robin Newman, Shamim Momin, Temple of Folly
E-Thay Inward-Yay Ourney-Jay dan finsel Richard Telles Fine Art

E-Thay Inward-Yay Ourney-Jay

by: Robin Newman

As a young and emerging artist, Dan Finsel first developed his body of work by performing exercises found in the 1974 book The Inward Journey /Art as Therapy for You. These pieces are on view […]

Tags: Dan Finsel, E-THAY INWARD-YAY OURNEY-JAY, Los Angeles, photography, Richard Telles Fine Art, Robin Newman, Sculpture, The Inward Journey /Art as Therapy for You
Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 9.02.52 PM

A Collection From A Progressive Point Of View at MOCA

by: Kate Messinger

In 2009, media theorist Laurence A. Rickels wrote on the hit television show True Blood for Art Forum, but his interest in a transgressive contemporary subject matter went further and is established in his vast art […]

Tags: Catherine Opie, John Boskovich, Laurence A. Rickels, Lyle Ashton Harris, MOCA, Richard Hawkins, Robin Newman
Catherine Opie Regen Projects LA art

Catherine Opie, Fire on the Billboards

by: Robin Newman

Catherine Opie is known predominantly for her portraiture of LGBT subjects, but her new works, on display at Regen Projects in L.A., are a step beyond. Portraiture as well as landscapes are visibly engaged in […]

Tags: Catherine Opie, female photographers, photographs, regen Projects, Robin Newman
Llynn Foulkes retrospective WILD mag arts

Llynn Foulkes Retrospective at the Hammer Museum

by: Robin Newman

A long overdue retrospective of Llyn Foulkes is now on show at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. The extensive retrospective consists of 140 works spanning the breadth of Foulkes’ compelling and under-recognized career. Although […]

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Thank You For Coming WILD mag arts

Art Meets Food at Thank You For Coming

by: Robin Newman

Even before entering the new Los Angeles restaurant, you are thanked. The restaurant’s name, Thank You For Coming, is embossed on the front windows and it’s easy to feel welcome even before the meal starts. […]

Tags: Artists Space, Japanther, June Strawn, LA, Los Angeles, Robin Newman, Thank You For Coming
H0les WILD mag fashion

Down the Rabbit H0le

by: Robin Newman

Pam Tietze takes us down the rabbit hole with her new line of spectacles. ‘H0les,’ a strange yet rather wondrous idea, was conceived through the discovery of crystal glass prisms intended for use in chandeliers. […]

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