Deep Cuts: Fucking Werewolf Asso [Swedish Revenge 8-Bit Death Punk]

by: Andrew Prieto

This week we cross the Atlantic, land in Sweden and listen to something contradictory.

Tags: 8-bit, Deep Cuts, electronic, fucking werewolf asso, mosh, nittiotremo, punk, rave, Rock, Sweden

Dame of Flames: A Conversation with Vivienne Westwood

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

Vivienne Westwood is a one-woman revolution. Mere words and overly simplified definitions fail to do the immensity of her legacy justice. Read the full interview with the original Dame of Flames from our WTF issue.

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Reel Runway: An Altered State

by: Ben Sharp

A roundup of the week's most alluring fashion shorts.

Tags: ben sharp, blackmeans, DIY, Elina Kechicheva, Fashion, Fashionable Selby, Japan, Maison Martin Margiela, Maiyet, Model Rehab, Modle Files, Mykita, new wave, normcore, old navy, Priscilla de Laforcade, punk, Reel Runway, Solene Herbert, Spring/Summer 2014, SS14, The Wild Magazine, Todd Selby, Tokyo, Trois Soeurs, VFILES, Yujiro Komatsu, Zoë Le Ber
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The Kids Are Alright: Collaging The Past

by: Bianca Ozeri

For our Youth Issue, we took a look back at the styles and trends that prevailed over the kids in the last six decades.

Tags: hipster, punk, rave culture, Rockabilly, the mods, the new romantics, william faulkner, youth subcultures

Reel Runway: Beauty Lies in the Difference

by: Jenni Zellner

The week's most alluring fashion shorts.

Tags: Adam Driver, animation, Boy On Top, Byronesque, Carrie Munden, Decora Kei, disabilities, Fairies, Fashion, Girls, Harajuku, Jenni Zellner, Lolita, Manhattan, mannequins, Offline, Pro Infirmis, punk, Reel Runway, Sid Vicious, So It Goes, The Guardian, The Wild Magazine, Tokyo, Videos, Vivienne Westwood
Vintage WILD Fashion

Byronesque Goes Offline

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

This week Byronesque, the fashion insider's favorite e-commerce website full of carefully curated collections of vintage high end designs, took their wares offline and into the real world.

Tags: Byronesque, Comme Des Garcons, Craig Ward, Fashion, James A. Farley Post Office, Jean Paul Gaultier, Maison Martin Margiela, Moschino, Offline, punk, The Met, The Wild Magazine, Vivienne Westwood
Hot Chip interview WILD mag music

Colours Are What Keep Me Alive

by: Blaine Skrainka

Why I love Hot Chip so so much.

Tags: Al Doyle, Alexis Taylor, Blaine Skrainka, Colors, Electronica, Felix Martin, Hot Chip, Interviews, Joe Goddard, Owen Clarke, pop, punk, The Wild Magazine, UK


by: Diego Martínez

Natural disasters are no laughing matter, especially the ones that have occurred in recent months around the world. It’s in this context that keyboardist Brian Robertson and drummer/vocalist Michael-John Hancock, known collectively as the Miami-based […]

Tags: 10K Islands, 1970s, ANR, Brian Robertson, Brian Wilson, Diego Martinez, German progressive scene, Keith Emerson, Michael-John Hancock, natural disasters, Prince, psychedelic, punk, Stay Kids, The Wild Magazine