The Metropolis of Color Noise

by: The WILD

Camilo Fuentealba captures a textured world of color.

Tags: Arts, Camilo Fuentealba, New York City, NYC, photography, street photography, The Wild Magazine

All About Image with David Brandon Geeting

by: Kate Messinger

We take a look into the high-flash surrealist mashups of photographer David Brandon Geeting.

Tags: Corey Archangel, David Brandon Geeting, Kate Messinger, photography, the WILD
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Perceptions and Projections,
the Photography of John Kilar

by: Blaine Skrainka

Meet nomadic point-and-shooter, John Kilar.

Tags: Arts, ASAP Rocky, Blaine Skrainka, Interviews, photography, Riff Raff, Snoop dogg, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES
Full look: Krasmira Ivanova-Stoyneva Collaged over: Jacket: Magdalena Izabella Dudarska

Photographer Shae DeTar Clashes Image and Color

by: The WILD

Artist and photographer Shae DeTar uses collage and color mashups in her kaleidoscopic editorial.

Tags: Amanda Lee Shirreffs, Editorial, photography, Shae DeTar, the WILD

Touring Iceland with Filmmaker Soojin Chang

by: Hillary Sproul

These photographs from filmmaker Soojin Chang's recent trip to Iceland are beautifully sinister and eerily romantic.

Tags: david michael, female filmmakers, Film, filmmakers, Hillary Sproul, Iceland, photography, soojin chang, sophie merrison-thieme
Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.45.25 PM

Talking Impermanence with Erick Achang

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Venezuelan photographer Erick Achang gives us intimate details.

Tags: erick achang, Isaac Perez Solano, photography, WILD Profile

Something Beautiful at Marianne Boesky

by: Michael Valinsky

Artists explore youth through photographs at Marianne Boesky.

Tags: Khary Simon, Marianne Boesky, Nicolas Wagner, photography, susan de beer, Youth
Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.50.11 PM

Pat O’Malley’s Material Landscapes

by: Kate Messinger

Photographer Pat O'Malley talks objects, art and surf trips.

Tags: Pat O'Malley, photography, the WILD, WILD Profile
Mona Kuhn, Gigi

Mona Kuhn’s Private Goes Public

by: Jessica Gordon

Prolific photographer Mona Kuhn shares some images from her show Private, on view at this week's Paris Photo, and explains how its arid wildness came to be.

Tags: Interviews, Jessica Gordon, mona kuhn, paris photo, Paris Photo Fair, photography, the WILD

Tod Papageorge’s Studio 54

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

Tod Papageorge's new book brings the
discotheque of legend to life.

Tags: book, Emily Kirkpatrick, Fashion, paris photo, photography, Stanley/Barker, Studio 54, The Wild Magazine, Tod Papageorge
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 5.21.07 PM

15 Unbelievable Photos from Paris Photo

by: Kate Messinger

Check out our favorite surreal images from Paris Photo, the international photography festival opening this weekend at the Grand Palais.

Tags: art fair, festival, Kate Messinger, paris photo, photo, photography, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.14.15 PM

Backstage with Fashion Photographer Andrew Day

by: The WILD

Fashion photographer Andrew Day gives us an all access pass.

Tags: Andrew Day, ART, photography, victoria secret, WILD Profile

Photographer Magdalena Ławniczak Gets Intimate

by: The WILD

Photographer Magdalena Ławniczak talks a world with less seriousness and more empathy, and what's inspiring her right now.

Tags: cosmicomics, David Bowie, Fashion, Italo Calvino, luxembourg garden, Magdalena Lawniczak, paris texas, photography, The Wild Magazine, under the skin, Victor Pelevin, WILD Profile
Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.07.41 PM

Art Talks with Stefano Marchionini

by: Kate Messinger

Italian-born photographer Stefano Marchionini finds serene subtleties in the face of relatives and the spaces we left behind.

Tags: art talks, photography, Stefano Marchionini, the WILD

June Canedo’s New Series Captures A Woman’s Poetic Sadness

by: Hillary Sproul

June Canedo settles on photography and offers us her latest 35mm series, bringing poetry and pictures together.

Tags: ART, Hillary Sproul, Interviews, june canedo, New York, New York City, photo series, photography
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.41.56 PM

Artist of the Week: Delphine Diallo Takes to the Street

by: The WILD

French-Senegalese photographer Deliphine Diallo is on a quest to document beautiful and uncommon faces.

Tags: Artist of the week, Deliphine Diallo, Jessica Gordon, photography, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 1.48.12 PM

Remembering David Armstrong

by: Kaelie Kelleher

A look back at the life and legacy of photographer David Armstrong.

Tags: ART, David Armstrong, Fashion, Kaelie Kelleher, photographer, photography, The Wild Magazine
Innocents Moby

Moby’s New Photography Show Explores Cults and Innocents

by: Kate Messinger

We get personal with Moby about his upcoming photography exhibit Innocents about cults and the slow apocalypse we may be living right now.

Tags: Apocalypse, Cults, Innocents, Interviews, Kate Messinger, MOBY, photography, the WILD

Art Talks with James Stopforth

by: Aleksandra Klicka

English photographer James Stopforth uses set design to bring his photos to life.

Tags: ART, James Stopforth, photography, set designing
Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.06.50 PM

Artist of the Week: Molly Matalon

by: Kate Messinger

Molly Matalon's vivid portraits of her friends and family show an intimacy that makes us feel like we've known these strangers in a past life.

Tags: family, Kate Messinger, Molly Matalon, photography, portraits, the WILD

Photographer’s Spotlight: Neil Aline

by: Hillary Sproul

Photographer Neil Aline's voyeuristic eye is sharp and alert in his stunning film photography.

Tags: 35mm, ART, Hillary Sproul, le bain, neil aline, New York, New York City, nightclubs, Nightlife, photographers, photography
truth and consequences

Thomas Chéné’s Almighty Aloneness

by: Kate Messinger

Parisian photographer Thomas Chéné captures people and places in epic solitude.

Tags: Artist, photographer, photography, the WILD, Thomas Chéné
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.36.43 AM

Ryan Lowry Shows Impulse and Intrigue in Two Years

by: Kate Messinger

Chicago based photographer Ryan Lowry talks intensity, infatuation and intrigue behind his new photo book, Two Years.

Tags: Animal Issue, Kate Messinger, photography, Ryan Lowry, the WILD, Two Years
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.11.56 PM

Louis Canadas’ French Touch

by: Michael Valinsky

Louis Canadas establishes a scene where the subject becomes the viewer.

Tags: Louis Canadas, Michael Valinsky, photography, Setting
Mechi Bassano i

Mechi Bassano’s Perfect Balance

by: Blaine Skrainka

Introducing the portfolio of Buenos Aires-based photographer, Mechi Bassano.

Tags: Argentina, Blaine Skrainka, Fashion, Interviews, Mechi Bassano, photography, WILD PROFILES
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.55.47 PM

A Still Portraiture by Molly Matalon

by: Michael Valinsky

Photographer Molly Matalon captures those stale memories, like out of an old yearbook.

Tags: Michael Valinsky, Molly Matalon, photography, portrait, Still life

The Body Understood by Li Hui

by: Michael Valinsky

We lose track quickly of what makes up a gendered photograph, so Li Hui finds a new way of seeing.

Tags: body, Li Hui, Michael Valinsky, photography

Mundane details about Erik Hart and Tati Leshkina

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Image-making duo HART+LËSHKINA know how to blow your mind.

Tags: ART, HART+LËSHKINA, Isaac Perez Solano, NYC, photography, the WILD, WILD Profile
Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.33.35 PM

Photographer’s Spotlight: Brad Ogbonna

by: Hillary Sproul

Brooklyn-based photographer Brad Ogbonna catches our eye.

Tags: ART, brad ogbonna, Brooklyn, Film, Hillary Sproul, New York, photographers, photography

Five Cool Things to Check Out at Photoville

by: Robert LiaBraaten

Five of our favorite exhibitions from the Brooklyn-based photography fair.

Tags: Brooklyn, Instagram, Kim Kardashian, Mies Van Der Rohe, photography, photoville, pier 5, Robert LiaBraaten, school of visual arts, SVA


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