WILD Profile: Cle Torres // Johnny Rose

by: Hillary Sproul

Cle Torres runs away with Lindsay Lohan, reads The Whole Lesbian Sex Book and shocks with her photography of the SF scene.

Tags: CLE TORRES, film photography, gay xmas, Hillary Sproul, Joe Jagos, johnny rose, Oakland, photographer, photography, san franciso

WILD Profile: Gadir Rajab, Genuine and Confident

by: Isaac Perez Solano

It's all about attitude with Aussie photographer Gadir Rajab.

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the wild evan jenkins

Artist of the Week: Evan Jenkins

by: Kate Messinger

Photographer, art handler, drummer. This Chicago based artist has his hands full, but his vision focused.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.05.22 AM

WILD Profile: David Gómez, Tolerate All Faults

by: Isaac Perez Solano

This Spanish artist manipulates women in the right way (by illustrating over vintage photography and his own exceptional portraits!)

Tags: Artist, Arts, David Gómez, illustrator, photographer, WILD Profile
rin johnson the wild artist of the week

Artist of the Week: Rin Johnson, Experiments in Deception

by: Michael Valinsky

Bay Area born artist Rin Johnson opens up about her connection to the process, anonymity and intimacy of photographing in film.

Tags: Artist of the week, Michael Valinsky, photographer, Rin Johnson
shae detar the wild magazine wild profile

WILD Profile: Shae Detar, from the Tree House

by: Kacie Tomita

Explore the color splashed work from photographer Shae Detar who shares her inspirations and passion for fighting against animal cruelty.

Tags: Kacie Tomita, painted photography, photographer, shea detar, WILD Profile
wild profile neil krug

WILD Profile: Neil Krug, Art Geek Days

by: The WILD

Photographer Neil Krug, who's worked all types of musicians from Bat For Lashes to First Aid Kit to Chromeo, gets colorful with the WILD.

Tags: Neil Krug, photographer, the WILD, WILD Profile
wild profile marco annunziata

WILD Profile: Marco Annunziata, Too Little Sweetness.

by: The WILD

Get to know photographer Marco Annunziata who's traveled the world documenting everything from artist's homes to tattooer's personal ink.

Tags: Marco Annunziata, photographer, Wild Ink, WILD PROFILES
wild profile Kathryn Hancock photographer

WILD Profile: Kathryn Hancock, Room for Serendipity.

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Get to know photographer Kathryn Hancock and her views on style, art and imperfection.

Tags: Isaac Perez Solano, Kathryn Hancock, photographer, the WILD, WILD Profile

9 x 9: Mic Becker

by: Hillary Sproul

Mic Becker picks nine words to describe nine photos.

Tags: 9 x 9, Hillary Sproul, mic becker, New York City, photographer, photography

9 x 9: Danielle Reuther

by: Hillary Sproul

Nine images and nine words from photographer Danielle Reuther.

Tags: Brooklyn, danielle reuther, Hillary Sproul, Images, Los Angeles, New York, NYU, photographer, photography, words
photographer brooklyn Lauren Gesswein the wild profiles

Wild Profile: Lauren Gesswein, Meet the World

by: The WILD

Who: Lauren Gesswein Where she was born: Fairfield, CT Where she’s living now: Brooklyn What she does: Photographer What she’s currently working on: I like to balance a few projects at once and while I […]

Tags: Lauren Gesswein, photographer, photography, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES
Iv and Candie budapest photographers anna furman the wild

Iv & Candie: Photos from Wonderland

by: Anna Furman

Photographers Eva and Andi, a.k.a. Iv & Candie, are two raucous chicks from Budapest who describe their work as perversely-elvispresley, naive, middle-class-honest, and martin parricide. Really, there’s no better way to say it than that. They […]

Tags: anna furman, artists, Arts, Budapest, Interviews, Iv & Candie, Nan Goldin, photographer, photography, The Wild Magazine
Max Pinckers Bollywood Series India

A Bit of Bollywood for Everyone

by: Giovanna Badilla

©Max Pinckers Belgian Photographer, Max Pinckers, documents India’s absolute devotion to the movies and the impact Bollywood has on wider society in his self-published book, The Fourth Wall.   Read more here

Tags: Belgian, Bollywood, India, Max Pinckers, photographer
Billie Shaker profile for The WILD magazine

WILD Profile: Billie Shaker

by: Marina Lucic

Who: Billie Shaker What she does: Photographer Where she lives: Brooklyn, NY What she is currently working on: I am currently working on a series of platinum prints. While these will be fashion images, there […]

Tags: Billie Shaker, Marina Lucic, photographer
Gonzalo Guerechit Ratti

WILD Profile: Gonzalo Guerechit Ratti, Life Behind the Lens

by: Diego Martínez

Who: Gonzalo Guerechit Ratti What: Professional photographer. His images have been used for advertising in his native Argentina and for international publications such as BUTT. Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina What’s on his mind today: Pictures. […]

Tags: Argentina, BUTT, Diego Martinez, Gonzalo Guerechit Ratti, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Laurie Anderson, photographer, Richard Avedon, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
gregory colbert photographer Ashes and Snow

Ashes and Snow

by: Livia Coullias Blanc

Photo by Gregory Colbert Enter Gregory’s world and live in harmony with nature. His exhibition “Ashes and Snow” shows the extraordinary connection and interactions between humans and animals. With beauty and grace he sheds light […]

Tags: Ashes and Snow, gregory colbert, livia coullias blanc, photographer
Marek Berry photographer director new york los angeles

Marek Berry

by: Giovanna Badilla

Name: Marek Berry Occupation: Photographer Where you were born: Dallas, TX Where you live now: New York City What are you currently working on? A collaborative performance art piece that will debut summer ’12 and […]

Tags: director, featured-page, Marek Berry, New York, photographer
Nicky Digital New York photographer

WILD PROFILE: Nicky Digital, All eyes on the dance floor

by: Livia Coullias Blanc

Who: Nicky Digital Where: New York What: Photographer Photo by Livia Coullias Blanc What’s on his mind today: Iceland! No, seriously, I’m always scheming up new excuses to go back to Iceland, though I’ll definitely […]

Tags: livia coullias blanc, New York, Nicky Digital, photographer