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The 14 Weirdest Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

by: Jenni Zellner

Get ready to feel uncomfortable about the holiday for all new reasons that have nothing to do with your relatives.

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Molly MDMA WILD wolrd

Molly: Femme Fatale?

by: Claire Voon

Last month, EMS workers rushed six people who were attending New York City’s Electric Zoo music festival to hospitals. Two died shortly after arriving; four were placed in intensive care. Officials have linked the deaths […]

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LGBT rights in Russia WILD mag world

Russia’s Anti-Gay Law to “Protect the Children”

by: Kate Messinger

Even after the global freak-out over Russia’s imprisonment of politically incorrect, iconically bad ass girl group Pussy Riot a few months back, the country is still censoring its people in hopes of bringing back “traditional Russian values.” As of now, “gay […]

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David Cecil Uganda gay rights play

British Producer Jailed in Uganda for putting on Play with Gay themes

by: Kate Messinger

British theater producer David Cecil, after being held in Ugandan jail for two days earlier this month, faces two years in prison for putting on a comedy/drama about a gay business man who is killed by […]

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Soundwalk Jazzy J Audio Tour Jazzy J

Act Like a Tourist, Look Like a Local with Soundwalk’s Audio Tours

by: Kate Messinger

There’s a new age of tourism and it doesn’t include a book, a guide, or a fanny pack. In fact, these tours might make you more than a local, they’ll make you an expert. Soundwalk‘s […]

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Cliamte Change study

New Study puts 400,000 Death Toll on Climate Change

by: Kate Messinger

It’s time to stop pretending the global climate change doesn’t affect us. In this election, officials have glazed over the state of environment: Romney mocks Obama for caring about global warming, Obama hardly mentions the […]

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South African workers protest strike

South African Miners Apprehensive To Sign Peace Accord After 34 Striking Workers Killed

by: Kate Messinger

Photo via VOA News After weeks on strike for wage increases at a platinum mine in Lonmin, South Africa, some miners and those part of the renegade union that started the strike are apprehensive to sign peace accords […]

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The Delancey Underground

The Delancey Underground or: The LowLine

by: Blaine Skrainka

Of the endless amenities afforded to the burghal dwellers of New York City, green space is one that comes at a premium. Urban planners the world over are having to consider new paradigms of metropolitan […]

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