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WILD Profile: Mike Law // Wild Arrows

by: Hillary Sproul

Get to know Mike Law of Brooklyn's Wild Arrows.

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adam green documentary how to act bad the wild

A Look at Dima Dubson’s New Doc on Adam Green

by: Hillary Sproul

New documentary from Dima Dubson follows the artist/musician (formerly of the Moldy Peaches) on tour and beyond.

Tags: adam green, aladdin, ART, dima dubson, documentary, Film, Hillary Sproul, how to act bad, music, musician, New York City, the shining twins
Pete Voelker the wild photography

Pete Voelker’s 35mm New York

by: Hillary Sproul

Pete Voelker's first solo exhibition show in New York City, "Might As Well Enjoy It."

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the wild David Molander

SPOTLIGHT: David Molander

by: Ona Abelis

These collaged photographs are urban chaos.

Tags: David Molander, Digital Artist, Julie Saul Gallery, Mashup, New York City, Sweden

Reel Runway: We Like the Zoo—A Film by KT Auleta & Lily McMenamy (Music by Walter Martin)

by: Ben Sharp

A look back at the week's most alluring fashion shorts, those little films that make you feel a certain sense of je ne sais quoi...

Tags: dance, Fashion, Film, KT Auleta, Lily McMenamy, Model, New York City, Reel Runway, short, video., Walter Martin, We Like the Zoo

Best of NYC’s Free Movies in The Park

by: Kate Messinger

Summer is coming fast and the line up of free outdoor movies has the perfect balance of nostalgia and entertainment.

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WILD Profile: Jordi Labanda, More Than Words

by: Isaac Perez Solano

This week's WILD Profile with Jordi Labanda gets an iconographic bent as we get to know the Spanish fashion and advertising illustrator a little better through this visual interview.

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Reel Runway: Advanced Style Trailer

by: Ben Sharp

A look back at the week's most alluring fashion shorts and a lesson in truly sophisticated style.

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Reel Runway: A New Beauty

by: Ben Sharp

A look back at the week's most alluring fashion shorts.

Tags: #definebeauty, 2013/14, ad campaign, Advanced Style, Alex Mattsson, Anna Trevelyan, Ari Seth Cohen, Ashely Williams, Beth Postle, Chanel, Chantelle Winnie, Chris Peters, Creatures of the Wind, Fashion, Film, Hyperborea, Karl Lagerfeld, Kristen Stewart, Les Fleurs, machine-a, Metiers d'Art, Minnie Riperton, New York City, Nick Knight, Nowness, Paris-Dallas, Raf Simons, Reel Runway, Saam Farahmand, Shane Gabier, Shaun Samson, short, Showstudio, Sibling, Spring/Summer 2014, SS14, The Wild Magazine, trailer

Godard Does Cannes, and Woody Allen too

by: Hillary Sproul

83-year-old film master Jean-Luc Godard will release his newest film at this years Cannes festival so let's look back on one of his bizarre shorts with his "dear friend" and Cannes regular, Woody Allen.

Tags: 1986, Cannes, cannes film festival, detective, director, Film, French, godard, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Woody Allen

Valorie Curry: Twilight to Darkness

by: Hillary Sproul

Actress Valorie Curry's career has only brightened since her role in Twilight, but her characters, especially in the hit TV drama The Following, continue to get darker.

Tags: acting, featured-sideshow, Hillary Sproul, Interviews, New York City, Television, the following, theatre, Twilight, valorie curry, veronica mars

Photo Series: The Obscurity of a Chain Necklace

by: Hillary Sproul

Understanding "The Obscurity of a Chain Necklace" with photographer June Canedo.

Tags: Beaches, blue skies, Brazil, Brooklyn, chain necklaces, Hillary Sproul, june canedo, Men, New York City, photography

Walking on Eggshells with Elena Parasco

by: Hillary Sproul

Exploring "Tide Offering" the new artist docufilm from Elena Parasco.

Tags: ART, eggshells, elena pascaro, last hour, new musuem, New York City, Rachel Rossin, tide offering

9 x 9: Mic Becker

by: Hillary Sproul

Mic Becker picks nine words to describe nine photos.

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Patricia Mera interview WILD mag

Artist of the Week: Patricia Mera, Mural on the Moon

by: Hillary Sproul

Peruvian artist Patricia Mera's paintings and collages have a similar style to her personality, an ability to be both current and timeless, all-at-once effervescent and introspective.

Tags: ART, Artist of the week, Berlin, Hillary Sproul, New York City, patricia mera, Peru, San Francisco

No More Missed Connections: Creators Connect is Linking the Art World

by: Hillary Sproul

The WILD sits down to talk with the founder of Creator's Connect, Marlo Kronberg, about her dream of bringing community to the creative world.

Tags: ART, creators connect, Film, Hillary Sproul, international, marlo kronberg, multimedia, music, national, New York City, web
SABINA SCIUBBA interview Brazilian Girls wild mag

Always, a Conversation with Sabina

by: Blaine Skrainka

Brazilian Girls front-woman Sabina Sciubba talks about the energy behind her first solo record.

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Brazilian Girls, Interviews, music, New York City, Paris, Sabina Sciubba, The Wild Magazine
Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.33.38 PM

Artist of the Week: Pete Voelker, Here’s Looking at You

by: Hillary Sproul

Photographer Pete Voelker sits down with The WILD to discuss his latest project, a new zine series titled, Here's Looking at You.

Tags: Artist of the week, chad moore, drowners, here's looking at you, Hillary Sproul, hurry up and wait, New York City, pete voelker
The Museum of the City of New York WILD Fashion

Gilded Age: Ten of the Richest New Yorkers of All Time

by: Jenni Zellner

Rich pastel silks. Opulent jewels. Fifth Avenue mansions. Such fineries were de rigeur during NYC's Gilded Age. To celebrate the Museum of the City of New York's new exhibit of fineries from that era, we've compiled a list of some of the city's all time wealthiest citizens.

Tags: A.T. Stewart, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, David H Koch, Donald Trump, Gilded Age, Gilded New York, J.P. Morgan, Jay Gould, John Jacob Astor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York City, The Museum of the City of New York
Luke Rathborne interview WILD arts

WILD Profile: Luke Rathborne, Wish in Vain

by: Hillary Sproul

Who: Luke Rathborne Where he was born: Brunswick, Maine Where he lives now: New York City What he does: musician/writer What he’s currently working on: Darren (bass player and fellow member of band Rathborne) and […]

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WILD fashion editorial Joel Slocum


by: The WILD

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by: Mel Gordon

Name: Kiki Occupation: Photographer Seen: 7th Avenue, NYC WILD Wish: For my Persian cat to live forever.

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Last Kiss by Mo Gelber

Last Kiss and a Last Ditch Effort, Lower East Side

by: Blaine Skrainka

Photographer Mo Gelber captures a deviant couple being arrested for tagging the streets of New York City. Following her release, the girl pictured, Alexis Creque, told the NY Daily News: “I was just the look-out. […]

Tags: Alexis Creque, ART, Blaine Skrainka, Graffiti, Lower East Side, Mo Gelber, New York City, NY Daily News, NYPD, photography, Picture of the day, street art, The Wild Magazine
Patrick McGuinn profile for The WILD magazine

WILD Profile: Patrick McGuinn’s Joie de Vivre

by: Diego Martínez

Who: Patrick McGuinn Where: New York City What: Indie filmmaker, musician and avid bike rider. Also, the son of legendary Byrds lead singer Roger McGuinn Photo by Frank Franca What’s on your mind today? Sunny Weather […]

Tags: Diego Martinez, filmmaker, Leather, musician, New York City, Patrick McGuinn, Roger McGuinn, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
The day after the mass shooting in Wisconsin, at the Sikh Cultural Center in Queens

The Day After

by: Blaine Skrainka

(Shannon Stapleton/Reuters) A woman takes a moment of prayer at the Sikh Cultural Society of Queens, New York. With the gunman shot dead, it remains unclear if the mass shooting at the Sikh temple outside […]

Tags: 9/11, Blaine Skrainka, Democracy Now, Immigration, Joplin, Milwaukee, Missouri, nationalism, Neo-Nazis, New York City, Picture of the day, pluralism, queens, Racism, Sikh, Southern Poverty Law Center, The Wild Magazine, Wisconsin
Brooklyn NYC, Wild Magazine

Summer in the City, Brooklyn

by: Holly Dutton

A young girl plays in an open fire hydrant on a hot afternoon in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, July 1.   Photograph by Holly Dutton

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Marriage Bureau Offices of Brooklyn City Hall

Marriage Bureau, Brooklyn

by: Holly Dutton

Couples wait in line in to obtain marriage licenses, register a Domestic Partnership, have a civil Marriage Ceremony, or have a private religious or civil Marriage Ceremony elsewhere in the Marriage Bureau Offices of Brooklyn […]

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by: Lia Hallie

Who: Meleni Smith Where: New York City What she does: Spreads Love (singer/songwriter) What’s on her mind today: It’s Valentine’s day so love is on my mind:) What she is currently working on: I am […]

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Lily Claire of Lily & The Parlour Tricks

WILD Profile: Lily Claire, the Striking Songstress

by: Blaine Skrainka

Who: Lily Claire of Lily and the Parlour Tricks Where: New York City What: Musician What’s on her mind today: Sandwiches. What she’s currently working on: Keeping my sanity, and a couple of new songs. […]

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Lauren Moffat in New York City


by: Diana Cenat

Who: Lauren Moffatt What she does: Designer Where: Her NYC studio Photo of Lauren, daughter Stella, and Gertie the dog: The Glow Magazine What she’s currently working on: Reading Yahoo News when I should be […]

Tags: Diana Cenat, Fashion, Lauren Moffat, Lauren Moffatt Rolls Up Her Sleeves, New York City, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES