New York City


The Metropolis of Color Noise

by: The WILD

Camilo Fuentealba captures a textured world of color.

Tags: Arts, Camilo Fuentealba, New York City, NYC, photography, street photography, The Wild Magazine
Amen Dunes

Amen Dunes Escapes from the City

by: Blaine Skrainka

"It's about drugs on earth and drugs in heaven, and all the traveling in between."

Tags: Amen Dunes, Blaine Skrainka, Damon McMahon, music, music videos, New York City, The Wild Magazine

June Canedo’s New Series Captures A Woman’s Poetic Sadness

by: Hillary Sproul

June Canedo settles on photography and offers us her latest 35mm series, bringing poetry and pictures together.

Tags: ART, Hillary Sproul, Interviews, june canedo, New York, New York City, photo series, photography
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The Happiest People in New York

by: Hillary Sproul

Get inside the heads of Roisin and Rebecca, the pair behind The Happiest People in New York, a new mockumentary-style web series offering a comic look at the hardships brought on by city life.

Tags: Actors, comedy, female filmmakers, Film, happiest people in new york, Hillary Sproul, New York City, rebecca steele, TV, tv series, web series
Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.54.08 AM

Meeting Kate Lyn Sheil of The Heart Machine

by: Hillary Sproul

We talk inspiration and video stores with actress Kate Lyn Sheil of The Heart Machine.

Tags: acting, Actors, actresses, alex ross perry, Film, Hillary Sproul, independent cinema, KATE LYN SHEIL, kim's video, laurie bird, New York City, posession, the heart machine, two-lane blacktop, zachary wigon

Deep Cuts: Wilbur

by: Andrew Prieto

The feeling that you're listening to something profoundly intimate that’s been accidentally given out to the public.

Tags: bueno para ti, Indie, long island, New York City, Rock, wilbur

Photographer’s Spotlight: Neil Aline

by: Hillary Sproul

Photographer Neil Aline's voyeuristic eye is sharp and alert in his stunning film photography.

Tags: 35mm, ART, Hillary Sproul, le bain, neil aline, New York, New York City, nightclubs, Nightlife, photographers, photography

Knitwear Designer and Model Tomomi Egawa’s Big Knits

by: Julia Lola Wang

Model and knitwear designer, Tomomi Egawa, talks telepathy, synchronicity, and expressions of love.

Tags: beanies, Furoshiki, Japan, Knitwear, La Colombe, Model, New York City, Tomomi Egawa
AARON COHEN - Pic Toma Abuzz for Wrung Division

Deep Cuts: Aaron Cohen

by: Andrew Prieto

Why I’m a diehard Aaron Cohen fan.

Tags: aaron cohen, Brooklyn Hip-Hop, New York City, queens, Rap, Seattle, Washington, you wouldn't know ep

CHRISHABANA’s Theatrical Winter
Ad Campaign Features NYC Artists

by: Nicole Zane

CHRISHABANA's fantastical winter campaign
compiles three new decadent collections.

Tags: Campaign, Caravaggio, CHRISHABANA, Dia Dear, Jewelry, LadyFag, lookbook, Love Bailey Desi Santiago, New York City, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, winter
Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.25.30 AM

Jessica Mitrani on Feminism & Identity

by: Kaelie Kelleher

"A multimedia adventure that explores and explodes feminine archetypes and stereotypes."

Tags: Future Feminism, Hermes Foundation, Jessica Mitrani, Kaelie Kelleher, New York City, The Hole NYC, The Traveling Lady, The Wild Magazine
Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.14.04 PM

99 locations of New York

by: Claire Voon

Experience New York City in 99 seconds through a rapid-fire sonic and visual experience.

Tags: ART, Menzkie, New York City, The Wild Magazine, video.


by: Hillary Sproul

This performance artist/musician brings fangirl to the stage.

Tags: ART, jaki doyka, music, musician, New York City, performance art, performance artist

WILD Profile: Mike Law // Wild Arrows

by: Hillary Sproul

Get to know Mike Law of Brooklyn's Wild Arrows.

Tags: bands, Hillary Sproul, mike law, music, New York City, tell everyone, wild arrows, WILD PROFILES
adam green documentary how to act bad the wild

A Look at Dima Dubson’s New Doc on Adam Green

by: Hillary Sproul

New documentary from Dima Dubson follows the artist/musician (formerly of the Moldy Peaches) on tour and beyond.

Tags: adam green, aladdin, ART, dima dubson, documentary, Film, Hillary Sproul, how to act bad, music, musician, New York City, the shining twins
Pete Voelker the wild photography

Pete Voelker’s 35mm New York

by: Hillary Sproul

Pete Voelker's first solo exhibition show in New York City, "Might As Well Enjoy It."

Tags: 35mm, East Village, Hillary Sproul, might as well enjoy it, New York City, niagra, pete voelker, photography, photot
the wild David Molander

SPOTLIGHT: David Molander

by: Ona Abelis

These collaged photographs are urban chaos.

Tags: David Molander, Digital Artist, Julie Saul Gallery, Mashup, New York City, Sweden

Reel Runway: We Like the Zoo—A Film by KT Auleta & Lily McMenamy (Music by Walter Martin)

by: Ben Sharp

A look back at the week's most alluring fashion shorts, those little films that make you feel a certain sense of je ne sais quoi...

Tags: dance, Fashion, Film, KT Auleta, Lily McMenamy, Model, New York City, Reel Runway, short, video., Walter Martin, We Like the Zoo

WILD Profile: Jordi Labanda, More Than Words

by: Isaac Perez Solano

This week's WILD Profile with Jordi Labanda gets an iconographic bent as we get to know the Spanish fashion and advertising illustrator a little better through this visual interview.

Tags: Advertising, ART, Björk, Fashion, illustration, Isaac Perez Solano, Jordi Labanda, Louis Vuitton, New York City, Spain, The Wild Magazine, Uruguay, Visual Interview, WILD Profile

Reel Runway: Advanced Style Trailer

by: Ben Sharp

A look back at the week's most alluring fashion shorts and a lesson in truly sophisticated style.

Tags: Advanced Style, Ari Seth Cohen, ben sharp, Fashion, Joyce Carpati, New York City, Reel Runway, The Wild Magazine, trailer

Reel Runway: A New Beauty

by: Ben Sharp

A look back at the week's most alluring fashion shorts.

Tags: #definebeauty, 2013/14, ad campaign, Advanced Style, Alex Mattsson, Anna Trevelyan, Ari Seth Cohen, Ashely Williams, Beth Postle, Chanel, Chantelle Winnie, Chris Peters, Creatures of the Wind, Fashion, Film, Hyperborea, Karl Lagerfeld, Kristen Stewart, Les Fleurs, machine-a, Metiers d'Art, Minnie Riperton, New York City, Nick Knight, Nowness, Paris-Dallas, Raf Simons, Reel Runway, Saam Farahmand, Shane Gabier, Shaun Samson, short, Showstudio, Sibling, Spring/Summer 2014, SS14, The Wild Magazine, trailer

Deep Cuts: Napoleon

by: Andrew Prieto

Napoleon, while maintaining the essence of pop rock goodness, digs to a deeper level than a first listen could ever demonstrate.

Tags: anderson, Brooklyn, Deep Cuts, Indie, Julian, napoleon, New York, New York City, pop, Rock, sarafan, shuffle, success

Valorie Curry: Twilight to Darkness

by: Hillary Sproul

Actress Valorie Curry's career has only brightened since her role in Twilight, but her characters, especially in the hit TV drama The Following, continue to get darker.

Tags: acting, featured-sideshow, Hillary Sproul, Interviews, New York City, Television, the following, theatre, Twilight, valorie curry, veronica mars
SABINA SCIUBBA interview Brazilian Girls wild mag

Sabina, Always

by: Blaine Skrainka

Brazilian Girls front-woman Sabina Sciubba talks about the energy behind her first solo record.

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Brazilian Girls, Interviews, music, New York City, Paris, Sabina Sciubba, The Wild Magazine
Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.33.38 PM

Artist of the Week: Pete Voelker, Here’s Looking at You

by: Hillary Sproul

Photographer Pete Voelker sits down with The WILD to discuss his latest project, a new zine series titled, Here's Looking at You.

Tags: Artist of the week, chad moore, drowners, here's looking at you, Hillary Sproul, hurry up and wait, New York City, pete voelker
Luke Rathborne interview WILD arts

WILD Profile: Luke Rathborne, Wish in Vain

by: Hillary Sproul

Who: Luke Rathborne Where he was born: Brunswick, Maine Where he lives now: New York City What he does: musician/writer What he’s currently working on: Darren (bass player and fellow member of band Rathborne) and […]

Tags: harry dean stanton, Hillary Sproul, luke rathborne, maine, New York City, rathborne, WILD PROFILES
WILD fashion editorial Joel Slocum


by: The WILD

Tags: Editorials, Fashion, Joel Slocum, Lower East Side, New York City, NYC, photography, The Wild Magazine
Local Natives Bowery Ballroom CMJ

Local Natives Return To Stage at CMJ, Showcase New Album ‘Hummingbird’

by: Blaine Skrainka

It has been a few years since the brightly received debut album of the refreshingly percussive Local Natives. They emerged in a rather special freshmen class that included the likes of Florence + the Machine, […]

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Bowery Ballroom, CMJ, Concert Reviews, Local Natives, New York City, Skaters, The Wild Magazne
Boys Noize interview for The WILD magazine shot by Britt Kubat

Boys Noize, Never Too Perfect

by: Blaine Skrainka

Alex Ridha, better known by his stage name Boys Noize, is taking the world by storm. And just in time. Electronic dance music has seen a stateside resurgence, sweeping across the nation and making international […]

Tags: Alex Ridha, Blaine Skrainka, Boys Noize, Boysnoize Records, Britt Kubat, Charles Billot, Disco, EDM, Electric Zoo, electronic dance music, Germany, Hamburg, Hip-Hop, House, house music, music, Never Too Perfect, New York City, Rap, Standard Hotel, techno, The Wild Magazine
Patrick McGuinn profile for The WILD magazine

WILD Profile: Patrick McGuinn’s Joie de Vivre

by: Diego Martínez

Who: Patrick McGuinn Where: New York City What: Indie filmmaker, musician and avid bike rider. Also, the son of legendary Byrds lead singer Roger McGuinn Photo by Frank Franca What’s on your mind today? Sunny Weather […]

Tags: Diego Martinez, filmmaker, Leather, musician, New York City, Patrick McGuinn, Roger McGuinn, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile


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