Explosion in Mexico

Highway Inferno, Ecatepec

by: The WILD

Victor Rojas/AFP/Getty Images A tanker truck carrying natural gas from Mexico City violently exploded leaving 20 dead in its wake. According to CTVNews, “Mexican trucks, often over loaded or unsafely operated, have been involved in […]

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Marcelo Burlon


by: Giovanna Badilla

Who: Marcelo Burlon What he does: I’m a PR, a lover, a DJ, a video maker a men’s stylist, party instigator, art director. Where he is right now: In Tulum, Mexico, shooting x GQ Style […]

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by: Nicholas Palumbo

The summer of 2011 is a whirlwind one for Ximena Sariñana. Ximena (pronounced ‘hi-men-a’) has a new single coming out in June, an album in August and supporting another amazing musician on a nationwide tour. […]

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Climate change in Google Earth

by: Giovanna Badilla

Google Earth has created a series of tours and videos to address the issue of climate change in anticipation of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change occurring this week and next in Cancun, Mexico. […]

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