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Cloud Atlas WILD mag film

Cloud Atlas: A Post-Modern Masterpiece is Turned into A Movie

by: Marina Lucic

David Mitchell’s novel “Cloud Atlas” erases boundaries of genre and truly manages to escape simple classification. The readings that one can take from the novel vary as much as the person reading it does and […]

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Billie Shaker profile for The WILD magazine

WILD Profile: Billie Shaker

by: Marina Lucic

Who: Billie Shaker What she does: Photographer Where she lives: Brooklyn, NY What she is currently working on: I am currently working on a series of platinum prints. While these will be fashion images, there […]

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Irene im Wald, Juergen Teller, The Journal Gallery

Juergen Teller at The Journal Gallery

by: Marina Lucic

On an early September evening, North Williamsburg’s Journal Gallery held an opening night for one of the biggest names in photography. Juergen Teller, who is known for his refusal to separate the commercial world of fashion […]

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Newsweek The Good Girls Revolt WILD mag culture

The Good Girls Revolt

by: Marina Lucic

In the 1960’s, women working in New York City took menial jobs because it was as close as most of them could get to the profession of their dreams. Classifieds were still segregated, and “Help […]

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Guatemala City, garbage dump, metal scraps

Searching for Something of Value, Guatemala City

by: Marina Lucic

Photo taken by Rodrigo ABD/AP People search for scraps of metal in the world’s largest garbage dump.

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Mumbai, Steve McCurry

A Mother And A Child Ask for Alms, Mumbai, India

by: Marina Lucic

Photo By: Steve McCurry “I strive for individual pictures that will burn in people’s memories.” – Steve McCurry  

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The Busy Person’s Guide to Literature

by: Marina Lucic

Many of us don’t find the time to indulge in as much reading as we would like. The short story is the perfect prescription for this problem and can easily fit into the mold of […]

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Manilla Floods Wild picture of the day

Flooded Streets, Pasig City, Philippines

by: Marina Lucic

People walking on the streets of Pasig City. Several floods in Manila have left more than 80,000 people in emergency shelters and 19 people dead. Photo by Pat Roque, AP

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Santiago, Chile, Free Education

Demanding Free Education, Santiago, Chile

by: Marina Lucic

Police fire water canons and tear gas at protestors in Santiago. Read more here about the ever-creative demonstrations that have drawn up to 100,000 students to the streets. Photo by Luis Hidalgo, AP

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Ghana, President John Atta Mills,

Mourning for their President, Accra, Ghana

by: Marina Lucic

Women line up in Accra where 68 year-old President John Atta Mills’ body was laid in a casket, draped in national colors. Photo by Sunday Alamba, AC

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