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Billie Shaker profile for The WILD magazine

WILD Profile: Billie Shaker

by: Marina Lucic

Who: Billie Shaker What she does: Photographer Where she lives: Brooklyn, NY What she is currently working on: I am currently working on a series of platinum prints. While these will be fashion images, there […]

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Guatemala City, garbage dump, metal scraps

Searching for Something of Value, Guatemala City

by: Marina Lucic

Photo taken by Rodrigo ABD/AP People search for scraps of metal in the world’s largest garbage dump.

Tags: Garbage, Guatemala, Guatemala City, Marina Lucic, Recycling
Mumbai, Steve McCurry

A Mother And A Child Ask for Alms, Mumbai, India

by: Marina Lucic

Photo By: Steve McCurry “I strive for individual pictures that will burn in people’s memories.” – Steve McCurry  

Tags: India, Marina Lucic, Mumbai, Steve McCurry
Manilla Floods Wild picture of the day

Flooded Streets, Pasig City, Philippines

by: Marina Lucic

People walking on the streets of Pasig City. Several floods in Manila have left more than 80,000 people in emergency shelters and 19 people dead. Photo by Pat Roque, AP

Tags: Flooded streets, Manila, Marina Lucic, Pasig City, Philippines
Santiago, Chile, Free Education

Demanding Free Education, Santiago, Chile

by: Marina Lucic

Police fire water canons and tear gas at protestors in Santiago. Read more here about the ever-creative demonstrations that have drawn up to 100,000 students to the streets. Photo by Luis Hidalgo, AP

Tags: Chile, Free Education, Marina Lucic, Santiago, tear gas, water canons
Ghana, President John Atta Mills,

Mourning for their President, Accra, Ghana

by: Marina Lucic

Women line up in Accra where 68 year-old President John Atta Mills’ body was laid in a casket, draped in national colors. Photo by Sunday Alamba, AC

Tags: Accra, Ghana, Marina Lucic, President John Atta Mills
Agent orange, clean-up, ceremony

The Legacy Left by Agent Orange, Vietnam

by: Marina Lucic

Decades after it contaminated jungle areas of Vietnam in order to blow enemy cover, the U.S. has finally started a clean-up project. Through the years, millions have been affected by Agent Orange and 150 000 […]

Tags: Agent Orange, Marina Lucic, US cleanup, Vietnam
India International Womens Day Brick Factory Jammu India

Brick Factory, Jammu, India

by: Marina Lucic

A Woman Working at a Brick Factory on International Women’s Day. Source: The Wall Street Journal. Photo by Channi Anand.

Tags: Brick Factory, Channi Anand, India, India International Womens Day, Jammu, Marina Lucic
Afghan girls Internet cafe for women Kabul

Knowledge Opens Up to Women, Kabul, Afghanistan

by: Marina Lucic

Afghan girls are allowed to work at the first internet cafe that has opened for women. Photo by Mohammad Ismail. For more of his work, click here.

Tags: Afghan girls, First Internet cafe for women, kabul, Marina Lucic, Mohammad Ismail
Yemeni children denied access to quality education

Students, al-Zailaea, Yemen

by: Marina Lucic

According to the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF), about 300 000 children in Yemen have been denied an education as a result of last year’s conflict. For the full story, click here. Photo by […]

Tags: al-Zailaea, Khaled Abdullah, Marina Lucic, Students, Yemen
Eric Mitjans, Youth, The balkans

Hope in the Youth, The Balkans

by: Marina Lucic

BLKNS is Eric Mitjans series photos taken during his six week trip through the Balkans. His main focus was on the youth of the countries that are still healing their wounds from the devastating civil […]

Tags: Eric Mitjans, Marina Lucic, The balkans, Youth
Eric Mitjans, Sudan, President Salva Kiir, Independence Day

The Morning of Independence Day, South Sudan

by: Marina Lucic

Six men sitting in the sun and waiting for the ceremony of Independence day to begin. Photo by Eric Mitjans. For more of Eric’s photos, click here.

Tags: Eric Mitjans, Independence Day, Marina Lucic, President Salva Kiir, Sudan
Japan, Fukushima Daiich, anniversary, tsunami

Marking a Devastating Anniversary, Japan

by: Marina Lucic

It has been a year since the earthquake and tsunami hit the north-eastern coast of Japan that left 20,000 people either dead or missing. Photo by Daniel Berehulak. For more of his work, click here.

Tags: anniversary, Fukushima Daiich, Japan, Marina Lucic, tsunami
Akhdam, Sanaa

An Akhdam Boy Peeps through a Hole, Sanaa, Yemen

by: Marina Lucic

The Akhdam, a minority in the Arab country, are thought to be descendants of Ethiopian soldiers. They are considered to be at the bottom of the ladder of social hierarchy and are highly discriminated against. […]

Tags: Ackdam, Khaled Abdullah, Marina Lucic, Sanaa, Yemen
Iran's parliamentary election at a mosque in southern Tehran

A Woman Voting, Tehran, Iran

by: Marina Lucic

Iran’s parliamentary election at a mosque in southern Tehran. Photo by Raheb Homavandi/Reuters

Tags: Iran's parliamentary election, Marina Lucic, Raheb Homavandi, Tehran
soe zeya tun, Sagaing, Burma, Irrawaddy River

Diving In, Sagaing, Burma

by: Marina Lucic

The Irrawaddy River runs from north to south through Burma and is the most important commercial waterway in Burma. Photo by Soe Zeya Tun

Tags: Burma, Irrawaddy River, Marina Lucic, Sagaing, soe zeya tun
Rolling Cigars, Havana, Cuba, Desmond Boylan

Rolling Cigars, Havana, Cuba

by: Marina Lucic

Photo by Desmond Boylan. For more of his photos on Cuba, click here.

Tags: Cigar Factory, Cuba, Desmond Boylan, Havana, Marina Lucic, Rolling Cigars
Indian Woman with Marigolds for celebration

A Woman Carries Marigold Flowers, Jammu, India

by: Marina Lucic

Marigolds are used to decorate the garlands used for Hindu rituals. Photo by Channi Anand/AP

Tags: Channi Anand, India, Jamu, Marigold Flowers, Marina Lucic
Land Leasing Land grabbing Ethiopia Africa

Working the Land, Ethiopia

by: Marina Lucic

Third world countries have been signing major land deals with first world investors. The effect that this has on the local people is fiercely debated. To see more images click here. Photo by Alfredo Bini

Tags: Africa, Alfredo Bini, Ethiopia, lend leasing, Marina Lucic
david perlmutter, india

Painting Love, India

by: Marina Lucic

Filmmaker and photographer Jacob Perlmutter, captures his trip to India. For more pictures, click here.

Tags: India, Jacob Perlmutter, Marina Lucic
Sukree Sukplang, Payathonzu, Burma, Buddhist Monks, Statues

Statues of Buddhist Monks, Payathonzu, Burma

by: Marina Lucic

To read more click here. Photo by Sukree Sukplang

Tags: Buddhist Monks, Burma, Marina Lucic, Payathonzu, Statues, Sukree Sukplang
literacy centre, kabul, afghanistan, Jean Chung

A Literacy Center, Kabul, Afghanistan

by: Marina Lucic

Amina is 13 and weaves carpets for a living. To read more click here. Photo by: Jean Chung

Tags: Afghanistan, Jean Chung, kabul, literacy center, Marina Lucic
merced river, yosemite national park, Michael Melford

Merced River, Yosemite National Park, California

by: Marina Lucic

“More than four decades after it became law, a little-known federal act safeguards hundreds of primordial waterways.” For more pictures and to read about the story, Boundless: America’s Wild and Scenic Rivers, click here. Photo […]

Tags: American waterways, California, Marina Lucic, Merced River, Michael Melford, Yosemite National Park
Dubai, Water themed resort, Tomas Peschak

A Remarkable Water Resort, Dubai

by: Marina Lucic

Photo by Thomas P. Peschak. For more of his work, click here.

Tags: Dubai, Marina Lucic, Thomas Peschak, Water Resort
Sam Panthaki, Kalamandalam Radhakrishnan, Soorya festival, Natarani, Ahmedabad

Performance preparations, Ahmedabad

by: The WILD

Photo by Sam Panthaky. Kalamandalam Radhakrishnan prepares for his performance during the 5 day long Soorya festival. To read more about this click here.

Tags: Ahmedabad, Kalamandalam Radhakrishnan, Marina Lucic, Natarani, Sam Panthaki, Soorya festival
Greece, Athens, protest, riot,

Against Austerity Measures, Athens, Greece

by: Marina Lucic

Photo courtesy of BBC News Thousands of people rally in Athens as a protest against the Austerity measures being discussed by parliament. To read more click here.

Tags: Athens, Austerity measures, Greece, Marina Lucic, Protest, riot

A Celebration under Red Umbrellas, Taiwan

by: Marina Lucic

In Remembrance of the revolution that ended China’s last dynasty, Taipei Schoolchildren gathered for the celebration of Taiwan’s national day, Double Ten. Photograph by Jodi Cobb

Tags: Celebration, Double Ten, Marina Lucic, Red Umbrellas, Schoolchildren, Taipei, Taiwan
Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 5.04.57 PM

A City in Solitude, Venice

by: Marina Lucic

Christopher Thomas, a Berlin based photographer renowned for his city portraiture, captures Venice in an unusual way. Â Here the city stands alone and, without its usual bustle of people, is left to capture our […]

Tags: Christopher Thomas, Marina Lucic, Venice
Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 5.08.18 PM

Charcoal Making, Liberia

by: Marina Lucic

Most of the charcoal in Liberia is made by women. They use heavy rubber tree stumps, which they carry on their heads for miles, in this labor heavy process. For more of the story, told […]

Tags: Africa, Liberia, Marina Lucic, world
Women in Kuwait

Women pushing for change, Kuwait

by: Marina Lucic

The fourth parliamentary election in six years where women’s liberation takes a step back. Last year there were four women in parliament, this year there are none. Read more here.

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