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Blogger of the Week: Jalan and Jibril Durimel

by: Isaac Perez Solano

A look behind the camera at the lives of some of your favorite street style stars. This week, we talk with twins Jalan and Jibril Durimel.

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Chiara by Terry Richardson

Blogger of the Week: Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

by: Isaac Perez Solano

A look behind the camera at the lives of some of your favorite street style stars. This week we talk with Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad.

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the wild

WILD PROFILE: Angeline Rivas, Ballpoint

by: Kacie Tomita

With only a ballpoint pen, this L.A. based artist takes us to another world.

Tags: Angeline Rivas, Artist, Ballpoint pen, Kacie Tomita, latex sculptures, Los Angeles, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile

Blogger of the Week: Dani Song

by: Isaac Perez Solano

A look behind the camera at some of your favorite street style bloggers. This week we talk with Dani Song.

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juco photo the wild profile

WILD Profile: JUCO Photo, Good Energy is Indescribable

by: Kacie Tomita

L.A.'s photography duo, JUCO Photo, shares their colorful surrealist shots and dreams for a less digital future.

Tags: JUCO Photo, Kacie Tomita, Los Angeles, photographers, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
The Internet OFWGKTA WILD mag music

Youth and Truth

by: T.M. Brown

We catch up with Syd Tha Kyd and Matt Martians on the streets of L.A. to talk the Internet.

Tags: Hip-Hop, Interviews, LA, Los Angeles, music, OFWGKTA, R&B, T.M. Brown, The Internet, The Wild Magazine, Youth Issue

9 x 9: Danielle Reuther

by: Hillary Sproul

Nine images and nine words from photographer Danielle Reuther.

Tags: Brooklyn, danielle reuther, Hillary Sproul, Images, Los Angeles, New York, NYU, photographer, photography, words
ari roth jacob patterson coffeegraph the wild la art coffee

This is Not Latte Art

by: Kristina Bravo

This Is Coffeegraph. Photographer Avi Roth and artist Jacob Patterson are bringing a whole new kind of coffee art out from behind the counter at ThinkTank Gallery in LA.

Tags: ART, Interviews, Kava Gorna, Kristina Bravo, Los Angeles, photography, Rachel Yager, Rose McGowen, the WILD, Topless
la opea the wild magic flute motzart

Mozart Gone Experimental: Backstage at the L.A. Opera

by: Kristina Bravo

Motzart's "The Magic Flute" has taken on a whole new look for the L.A. Opera.

Tags: 1927, animation, Barrie Kosky, Berlin, Brothers Grimm, Buster Keaton, charlie chaplin, David Lynch, Erika Miklosa, experimental theater, Kristina Bravo, LA Opera, Los Angeles, Mozart, opera, Paul Barritt, Suzanne Andrade, The Magic Flute
Frank-Ocean by Ryan McGinley for The New York Times

Frank Ocean Can Fly

by: The WILD

Frank Ocean floats over the Los Angeles horizon, shot by Ryan McGinley for the New York Times Magazine. Check out the profile of Ocean here.

Tags: Frank Ocean, LA, Los Angeles, music, New York Times Magazine, NYT, photography, Picture of the day, Ryan McGinley, The Wild Magazine
Cayucas interview WILD Profile music

WILD Profile: Zach Yudin, Using His Imagination

by: Blaine Skrainka

Who: Zach Yudin of Cayucas Where he was born: Davis, CA Where he lives now: Los Angeles What he does: Just band stuff mostly. What he is currently working on: Playing live and arranging things. […]

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Cayucas, Interviews, Los Angeles, Magical Mystery Tour, music, Paul McCartney, surfer rock, Taylor Swift, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES, Zach Yudin
Girls and Fire Breather

The WILD Ride To King’s Canyon

by: Xena Blair

I’m not the type of person who finds herself in an RV following a bunch of bikers I just met to Fresno. I’m standing outside Comune’s headquarters below Alameda on Factory Place. Downtown Los Angeles […]

Tags: Comune, Los Angeles, Magdalena Wosinska, The Wild Magazine, Xena Blair
Jenny Le profile for The WILD magazine

WILD Profile: Jenny Le, Metamorphosis of Love

by: Teena Kang

Name: Jenny Le Born: Hue, Vietnam; Lives now: Silverlake, Los Angeles What she does: Opening Ceremony L.A. General Manager What are you currently working on? A second book based on the metamorphosis of love, the life and […]

Tags: Fashion, Jenny Le, LA, Los Angeles, Opening Ceremony, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES
Jeffrey Nentrup


by: Lia Hallie

Who: Jeffrey Nentrup Where: Los Angeles, CA What he does: Painter, Illustrator, Concept Design Artist What’s on his mind today: How anesthesia works? (My kitten is in surgery at the moment.) What he is currently […]

Tags: Artist, illustrator, jeffrey nentrup, kobi briant, lia hallie, Los Angeles, painter, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES


by: Lia Hallie

Who: Vapor Maché Where: Los Angeles, California What He Does: Composer, producer and performer of electronic music delivering a healthy mix of melody-driven hip hop, dubstep, downtempo, tech house, glitch, and cinematic textures to ears […]

Tags: California, dubstep, electronic, glitch, Hip-Hop, Los Angeles, music, rel fried, The Wild Magazine, vapor mache, WILD PROFILES


by: Diego Martínez

It’s business as usual here at The Wild. While others are complaining about the beginning of the week and longing for that first taste of coffee in the morning, we start off fresh with high […]

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Geoff Moore


by: Teena Kang

Who: Geoff Moore What he does: Photographer and Director Where: L.A. What’s on his mind today: An artist girl at this gallery show the other night said there is a three second rule to art […]

Tags: Akira Kurosawa, Geoff Moore, Interview Mag, Los Angeles, Teena Kang, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES

Fostering The People

by: The WILD

There is an undeniably catchy band taking over the Indie Rock scene of 2011. Despite the fact that this year is coming to a close, their music is expecting to carry out well into 2012 […]

Tags: Alisha Acquaye, Cubbie Fink, Foster The People, Los Angeles, Mark Foster, Mark Pontius, MTV Video Music Awards, Saturday night live, The Wild Magazine, Torches
Kimberly Brooks


by: Robin Newman

Kimberly Brooks’s solo exhibit Thread opens September 10 at Taylor De Cordoba in Los Angeles. Thread marks a departure for Brooks from the realistic style and direct portraiture of her previous work. The new paintings […]

Tags: ART, Kimberly Brooks, Los Angeles, Robin Newman, Taylor De Cordoba, The Wild Magazine
Hansel from Basel


by: Mia Kim

Who: Hannah Byun, designer of Hansel from Basel Where: Los Angeles, California What’s on her mind today: Finishing work early so that I can go to the beach. What she is currently working on: Advising […]

Tags: California, Hannah Byun, Hansel from Basel, Los Angeles, Mia Farrow, Mia Kim, Nicholas Haggard, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES
Alia Raza


by: Dar Meshi

Who: Alia Raza, Filmmaker and Singer Where: Los Angeles, USA Photo by Tom Hines On your mind today : How my band is going to get from LA to new york to make a video. […]

Tags: Alia Raza, Angelhood, Dar Meshi, Los Angeles, soundcloud, The Wild Magazine, Tom Hines, WILD PROFILES


by: Guillaume Boulez

Who: Silvershed, Make and exhibit art and generate conversations about art and culture Where: New York and Los Angeles What they are currently working on: Collective Show Berlin and a summer show at the shed […]

Tags: Beuys, Caitlin Macqueen, Duchamp, Hans Ulrich-Obrist, Los Angeles, New York, Oprah, Rose Marcus, Silvershed, The Wild Magazine, Tim Griffin, Warhol, WILD PROFILES


by: Guillaume Boulez

Stylelikeu, created by mother-daughter team Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, goes way beyond the now ubiquitous and static poses of street-fashion bloggers and brings us into the homes—and more importantly the closets—of the most stylish […]

Tags: Elisa Goodkind, Lily Mandelbaum, London, Los Angeles, New York, street-fashion bloggers, Stylelikeu, The Wild Magazine