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juco photo the wild profile

WILD Profile: JUCO Photo, Good Energy is Indescribable

by: Kacie Tomita

L.A.'s photography duo, JUCO Photo, shares their colorful surrealist shots and dreams for a less digital future.

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swimwear wild profile WILD Fashion

WILD Profile: Roxana Salehoun, Designer of Bardot-Worthy Swimsuits

by: Marcus Holmlund

Creating swimwear that is at once classically feminine and charmingly quirky, Roxana Salehoun designs suits that would make even bikini babe Brigitte Bardot green with envy.

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The Internet OFWGKTA WILD mag music

Youth and Truth

by: T.M. Brown

We catch up with Syd Tha Kyd and Matt Martians on the streets of L.A. to talk the Internet.

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9 x 9: Danielle Reuther

by: Hillary Sproul

Nine images and nine words from photographer Danielle Reuther.

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wild flowering LA Fritz Haeg

Re-flowering L.A. with Fritz Haeg

by: Kate Messinger

Alice Goldsmith of Wild Vase, an LA based floral design studio, and artist, Fritz Haeg, talk about Wildflowering LA, a new art project bringing wild flowers to the smoggy city.

Tags: Alice Goldsmith, Fritz Haeg, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Nomadic Division, wild flowering, Wild vase
ari roth jacob patterson coffeegraph the wild la art coffee

This is Not Latte Art

by: Kristina Bravo

This Is Coffeegraph. Photographer Avi Roth and artist Jacob Patterson are bringing a whole new kind of coffee art out from behind the counter at ThinkTank Gallery in LA.

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la opea the wild magic flute motzart

Mozart Gone Experimental: Backstage at the L.A. Opera

by: Kristina Bravo

Motzart's "The Magic Flute" has taken on a whole new look for the L.A. Opera.

Tags: 1927, animation, Barrie Kosky, Berlin, Brothers Grimm, Buster Keaton, charlie chaplin, David Lynch, Erika Miklosa, experimental theater, Kristina Bravo, LA Opera, Los Angeles, Mozart, opera, Paul Barritt, Suzanne Andrade, The Magic Flute
E-Thay Inward-Yay Ourney-Jay dan finsel Richard Telles Fine Art

E-Thay Inward-Yay Ourney-Jay

by: Robin Newman

As a young and emerging artist, Dan Finsel first developed his body of work by performing exercises found in the 1974 book The Inward Journey /Art as Therapy for You. These pieces are on view […]

Tags: Dan Finsel, E-THAY INWARD-YAY OURNEY-JAY, Los Angeles, photography, Richard Telles Fine Art, Robin Newman, Sculpture, The Inward Journey /Art as Therapy for You
Richard Prince WILD mag arts

King Richard: Home on the Range with Prince’s Wranglers

by: Elizabeth Leete

As the lines between innovation and imitation in art become increasingly blurred with a constant stream of new technology, there is no time like the present to pay homage one of America’s original and most […]

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Thank You For Coming WILD mag arts

Art Meets Food at Thank You For Coming

by: Robin Newman

Even before entering the new Los Angeles restaurant, you are thanked. The restaurant’s name, Thank You For Coming, is embossed on the front windows and it’s easy to feel welcome even before the meal starts. […]

Tags: Artists Space, Japanther, June Strawn, LA, Los Angeles, Robin Newman, Thank You For Coming