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Kadeem Kasim Slam Donahue Soho House

Slam Donahue Charms SoHo House

by: Jonathan Newhall

The rooftop pool at SoHo House seems more to serve as the means for glamorous people to lounge around, sip on drinks, and be more seductive than before. Though this may seem like any other […]

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Smart Urban Stage, Smart Advertising, Green

Smart Urban Stage is Smart Advertising

by: Jonathan Newhall

On the whole, advertisements are not out there to make you think or to question how your society works. Ads are there to inform you about a brand, to sell you a product, and (if […]

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Croatia, LGBT, pride march

In Short Time, Croatia Makes Headway with LGBT Rights

by: Jonathan Newhall

Igor and his girlfriend, along with another male friend, had changed clothes and gone out for the evening after attending 2010’s LGBT Pride event in Zagreb. On their way, a group of men asked if […]

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En Shallah Summer2012

Moroccan Artisans make Fashionable, Ethical Accessories

by: Jonathan Newhall

“Does this train go to Marrakech?” “Insh’Allah!” “Will we be landing soon?” “Insh’Allah.” “Is it safe to fit five people in the backseat?” “Insh’Allah!!” Any traveler to the Middle East quickly becomes acquainted with the […]

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