Naomi Pilgrim interview WILD music

WILD Profile: Naomi Pilgrim, Moving Mountains

by: The WILD

Love is love but happiness always comes first.

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Old Money interview WILD mag music

WILD Profile: Old Money, Pure Heart Bad Mind

by: Katie Chow

Who: A. Julian of Old Money Where he was born: Kingston, Jamaica. Where he lives now:A roomshare in Brooklyn made of amethyst and rubies with Gaddafi’s imperial amazonian guard. What he does:Write. Produce. Watch Youtube […]

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WILD mag music

Music To Start The Week With #048

by: Diego Martínez

Cheer up Sleepy Jean! it’s Monday and if you happen to have followed The WILD for the past 48 weeks, you know that time has come to showcase the hottest and distinct sounds you’ll ever […]

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Until We Have Faces


by: The WILD

In the center of the western hemisphere, where LGBT rights are flourishing, lies a pocket of violent discrimination that this part of the world hasn’t witnessed since the height of the American civil rights movement. […]

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