Human Rights

Lisa Kristine interview WILD mag

The Forsaken 30 Million: Modern Slavery

by: Bianca Ozeri

Lisa Kristine photographs slaves in Nepal, India, Ghana, and other locations around the globe. She spoke to The WILD about her chilling experience.

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Pussy Riot WILD mag world

Pussy Riot Packaged for an American TV Audience

by: Anastassia Smorodinskaya

It seems that everyone in the West, has a different reason for getting on the “Free Pussy Riot” bandwagon. Some say it’s a fight for freedom of speech, some rally in support of a global […]

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Safe from the Flames

by: The WILD

AFP/Getty Images A man recovers in a hospital bed in Dehui, China after falling victim to a fast-moving fire at the factory where he worked. The Baoyuanfeng poultry plant, where 120 are now dead, was […]

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Bangladesh Building Collapse

A Step in the Right Direction

by: Blaine Skrainka

Allow me to be candid: navigating and covering the story of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh has been a quagmire for me, full of contradictions and more questions than answers. The other […]

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Bangladeshi rescuers retrieve garment worker

A Survivor Feels the Sunlight Again, Dhaka

by: The WILD

AFP/Getty Images Reshma Begum, a seamstress and mother of a young boy, was pulled out of the rubble of the Bangladesh textile factory collapse on Friday, 16 days after the disaster stole 1,125 lives. Begum […]

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Garment workers in Bangladesh

Our life is precious like yours, and our dreams are precious too

by: The WILD

Taslima Akhter, a Bangladeshi photographer and activist, captured the final embrace of two workers at the Dhaka factory collapse. Of the image, Akhter told TIME magazine: Every time I look back to this photo, I […]

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gun violence WILD mag world

Why I Am No Longer an American

by: Marie Nelson

I am no longer a citizen of a government that condones gun violence, no matter how indirectly. The congressmen who voted against the assault weapons ban do not represent me. The Supreme Court that, in […]

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Sea level rising threaten Pacific Islands

On the Frontlines of Climate Change, Kiribati

by: The WILD

Kiribati, a tiny Pacific island about the size of New York City, is both “in the middle of nowhere and at the center of everything, including the climate change crisis.” Under siege from rising sea […]

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Child Labor WILD Fashion

Zara Accused of Slave Labor

by: Stephanie Ott

The High Street fashion giant Zara is facing accusations of child labor and use of sweatshops in South America. This is not the first time the retailer has been confronted with such criticism. However, according […]

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russian street art Pasha P183 banksy died

Russian Street Artist Pasha dies at 29

by: Kate Messinger

It’s hard to know much about a man that makes a living breaking the law, but Pasha P183, the 29-year-old street artist often compared to Banksy, let his public murals and sculptures speak for him. Though the […]

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