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Steve Dibenedetto the wild kate messinger kacie tomita interview

Painter Steve DiBenedetto on Chaos and Overload

by: Kate Messinger

We visited DiBenedetto in his studio in Long Island City for a view inside the process of creating chaos, and a talk about the joy of overload in a world of minimal.

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gallery spy the wild

Gallery Spy: About-Face

by: Kate Messinger

In secret, in crowds, in the gallery and around the world, Gallery Spy is noticing an art trend that's all about face.

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Objects without restrictions at Half Gallery

by: Bianca Ozeri

The Upper East Side now has a permanent—and much needed—fixture of creativity in the form of Half Gallery. The homely space’s second show since moving up to 78th and Madison opened last night with a […]

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Louis Eisner Half Gallery NY Art

Half Gallery Finds New Space Uptown, With Louis Eisner

by: Kate Messinger

Leviathan, Louis Eisner In New York City, space is the highest commodity. It is symbol and a necessity that is only taken for granted by those who can afford it, something that we don’t realize […]

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Jack Siegel Photography at Half Gallery

Jack Siegel at Half Gallery

by: Kate Messinger

There is a point, maybe as early as thirteen, when we all start recalling our youth in a hazy, Wonder Years montage sort of way, creating memories that might have never really happened in order […]

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Art Basel Photo Diary WILD mag arts

Art Basel Miami Beach: Photo Diary

by: Kate Messinger

Last week’s four day long art festival/party/ see-and-be-seen international gathering at Art Basel Miami Beach brought together every type the art world (and celebrity, music, and fashion world) had to offer. Art was litterarlly everywhere, even up […]

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Lucien Smith at Half Gallery

Lucian Smith: Old Man Drive, Young Man Style

by: Kate Messinger

Lucian Smith may only be fresh out of college, but this isn’t your normal post grad art work.  Smith, who works mostly in paint and ephemeral sculpture, combines a Dadaist eye with a touch of french style […]

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Half Gallery WILD mag arts

Half Gallery’s All Girl Show with Jemima Kirke, Jeanette Hayes and Jay Miriam

by: Kate Messinger

Have you heard? Girls are so hot right now. The media keeps talking about the female takeover, with lady written/produced television shows like Girls, all girl bands taking a stand, and, oh, the whole woman’s reproduction rights battle this election. More […]

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Eddie Martinez at Half Gallery WILD magazine art

Eddie Martinez Has An Eye For The Abstract at Half Gallery

by: Kate Messinger

At first glance, Eddie Martinez’s large, charcoal smudged, paint splattered  drawing looks like a discarded abstract combination of shapes, a piece left on the floor of a studio and later salvaged out of sentimental value. These pieces are in no way pristine […]

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David Armstrong's Night and Day

Night and Day: Visual Commentary of a Past Era

by: Stephanie Roush

Upon entering the Half Gallery, a nondescript LES location, I immediately felt transported into a different world. After a quick look around, the gallery had me fraught with nostalgia for a time never even experienced. […]

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