George Maple

George Maple Creates
Aural Landscapes

by: Blaine Skrainka

Meet Sydney's downtempo gem, George Maple.

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Electronica, Flume, Future Classic, George Maple, Interviews, music, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES

20 Questions with Flume

by: Claire Voon

We sped through 20 questions with Australian electronic producer Flume to learn about his facial hair and favorite snack. And we snuck a peek at his most used emojis.

Tags: 20 questions, Claire Voon, Flume, interview, MTV, music, The Wild Magazine
flume space cadet the wild mag

Flume / Space Cadet

by: Claire Voon

Australian producer Flume's new video for "Space Cadet (feat. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut)," shoots us straight into, well, space.

Tags: Autre Ne Veut, Claire Voon, Flume, Ghostface Killah, music, music video, Space Cadet, The Wild Magazine


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