Ana Lola Roman

Decoding Ana Lola Roman

by: Diego Martínez

There is always a time when a performer comes along with a proposal so unusual and ‘out there’ that even the underground looks up and takes notice. Yet the underground would have some sort of […]

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Amalie Bruun EP Teaser


by: Diego Martínez

As you may have noticed on our blog, we do keep track of our WILD people, the ones that continue to wonder us with their never ending creative undertakings. This time the spotlight’s on Danish […]

Tags: Amalie Bruun, CRUSH, Diego Martinez, EP, Flesh & Ghost, I'm Not Like You, Mark Saunders, Teaser, The Wild Magazine, Video Premiere
Black Atlass


by: Joseph Johnson

Sometimes you hear a song for the first time and are blown away. This happened to me when I first heard “The Black Dog” by the Canadian artist Black Atlass. The haunting Babe Ruth sample […]

Tags: Alex Fleming, Babe Ruth, beats, Black Atlass, Canada, download, EP, Joseph Johnson, music, sample, songwriter, The Weeknd, The Wild Magazine
Salem John Holland Heather Marlatt Jack Donoghue Better Off Alone


by: Diego Martínez

At The Wild’s HQ, we are particularly excited for Midwestern heroes Salem. Not only are they featured in a revealing interview for our upcoming “Visionaries” issue, but in a few days time (November 22, to […]

Tags: Alice Deejay, Better Off Alone, Diego Martinez, EP, Heather Marlatt, I'm Still in the Night, IAMSOUND, Jack Donoghue, John Holland, King Night, SALEM, The Wild Magazine, Visionaries
The Kooks

Ruby Roses

by: The WILD

As The Kooks beautifully displayed in their 2006 LP Inside In / Inside Out, they showed the hard to manage balance between indie rock and indie pop. Delivering softer heart felt lyrics, while managing to […]

Tags: Ben Magro, Catch A Dream, EP, Every Moment of Love, Indie, music, New Jersey, pop, Rock, Ruby Roses, The Wild Magazine, Wayne