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A Look at Dima Dubson’s New Doc on Adam Green

by: Hillary Esther Sproul

New documentary from Dima Dubson follows the artist/musician (formerly of the Moldy Peaches) on tour and beyond.

Tags: adam green, aladdin, ART, dima dubson, documentary, Film, Hillary Sproul, how to act bad, music, musician, New York City, the shining twins

Teenage: Abandoning All Responsibility with Director Matt Wolf

by: Hillary Esther Sproul

The Wild sits down with director Matt Wolf to discuss the youth culture and rebellion explored in his new documentary Teenage produced by Jason Schwartzman.

Tags: bradford cox, documentary, Film, Hillary Sproul, Jason Schwartzman, jon savage, matt wolf, teenage
Finding Vivian Maier

Finding Ourselves in Finding Vivian Maier

by: Hillary Esther Sproul

An undeveloped box of vintage film leads a documentary film maker on a journey to find out the mysterious story of Vivian Maier, a nanny with a hidden talent for photography.

Tags: documentary, Film, finding vivian maier, Hillary Sproul, photography, vivian maier

Sini Anderson’s The Punk Singer stays strong, on screen and off

by: Hillary Esther Sproul

Sini Anderson talks with The WILD about her hit documentary on Kathleen Hannah and the two artist's similar battle with lyme disease.

Tags: documentary, Feminism, Hillary Sproul, Kathleen Hanna, lyme disease, sini anderson, tamra davis, the punk singer