Diego Martinez

Jessy Singer The Neighbourhood NBHD Boys

Boys in the Hood

by: Diego Martínez

The face of popular music has changed dramatically in recent years, only to become more uninspired than it ever was before. The vast majority of Top 40 radio, though very catchy, feels insanely formulaic, bland, […]

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Patrick McGuinn profile for The WILD magazine

WILD Profile: Patrick McGuinn’s Joie de Vivre

by: Diego Martínez

Who: Patrick McGuinn Where: New York City What: Indie filmmaker, musician and avid bike rider. Also, the son of legendary Byrds lead singer Roger McGuinn Photo by Frank Franca What’s on your mind today? Sunny Weather […]

Tags: Diego Martinez, filmmaker, Leather, musician, New York City, Patrick McGuinn, Roger McGuinn, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
Gonzalo Guerechit Ratti

WILD Profile: Gonzalo Guerechit Ratti, Life Behind the Lens

by: Diego Martínez

Who: Gonzalo Guerechit Ratti What: Professional photographer. His images have been used for advertising in his native Argentina and for international publications such as BUTT. Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina What’s on his mind today: Pictures. […]

Tags: Argentina, BUTT, Diego Martinez, Gonzalo Guerechit Ratti, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Laurie Anderson, photographer, Richard Avedon, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
Alberto Stangarone by Linda Meléndez

WILD Profile: Alberto Stangarone, Caracas’ Swagger

by: Diego Martínez

Who: Alberto Stangarone What: Musician, producer and DJ. Former member of Todosantos and leader of his own musical project named Sunsplash. Where: Caracas, Venezuela What’s on his mind today: I’m having a great month so […]

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Playlist of the week The WILD Magazine


by: Diego Martínez

2012 is just around the corner (only three weeks away!) and there’s a lot to look forward to, especially when it comes to good music. For this edition of “Music To Start The Week”, we’re […]

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by: Diego Martínez

Who: Dan Blake What: Stylist, Fashion editor for 7TH MAN MAGAZINE Where: London What’s on his mind today: My Halloween costume. What to go as? I have access to the most amazing real hair wigs and […]

Tags: 7TH MAN MAGAZINE, Dan Blake, Diego Martinez, Dolly Parton, Fashion, Gross Magic, Hannah Al-Shemmeri, Helena Bonham Carter, London, The Wild Magazine, Two Wounded Birds


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