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SSION: Catching Up With Cody Critcheloe

by: Xena Blair

Either you know who Ssion is and you love them, or, you have no idea what this band is all about. There really isn’t a gray area for musical acts that take the kind of […]

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SSION Earthquake vide premiere

Video Premiere – SSION / Earthquake

by: Diego Martínez

If we want to talk about prolific people, there must be a slot for Cody Critcheloe somewhere. The man behind SSION has been teasing us for days about a new video, yet another selection from […]

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by: Diego Martínez

What could we say about Cody Critcheloe that we haven’t said already in this blog? From his colorful show at MoMa’s PS1 to his head-bopping and glitter-poaring album “Bent” (the third as art-funk one-man show […]

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Cansei de Ser Sexy City Grrrl Pink Hair Black lips


by: Diego Martínez

There’s something fishy going on the camp of Cansei de Ser Sexy. A few days ago, it was revealed that band founder and main songwriter/producer Adriano Cintra had quit the Brazilian ensemble and that he […]

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by: Diego Martínez

For someone who has enjoyed everything from Talking Heads to Soft Cell, Peaches, Fischerspooner, CSS, Scissor Sisters, Pet Shop Boys and the B52′s, you’d think I’d be ready and prepared for the sonic explosion that […]

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Happy Valentines from the WILD!

by: Giovanna Badilla

THE WILD WISHES YOU A VERY AMOROUS VALENTINES DAY, HERE WITH A VIDEO FROM AN AROUSING DINNER AT THE HOLE. Art Direction: Guillaume Boulez, Filmed and Edited by Joseph Isho Levinson Food : Boomba on […]

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