Portlandia bike lanes WILD world

Manhattan Moves Faster with Bike Lanes

by: Blaine Skrainka

As a Brooklynite who got knocked clear of my single speed bike (a pedaling cliché, I know) whilst riding down non-bike-lane-protected street, I can attest to the at least perceived safety provided by our painted […]

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suburban poverty WILD mag

Ding Dong the New Deal’s Dead: Poverty Expands to Suburbs

by: Kara McGhee

Poverty in the United States is stereotypically associated with racial minorities in urban centers. However, a closer look at social geography reveals a more complex situation: a majority of poor people are white and live […]

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architecture WILD mag

Park Here

by: Meghan Skornia

Parking garages are a fact of life, even in barely urban areas. This necessity is normally accommodated quickly and without much thought, resulting in uninspired, unhealthy, and often dangerous spaces. Historically, parking garages have been […]

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Smart Urban Stage, Smart Advertising, Green

Smart Urban Stage is Smart Advertising

by: Jonathan Newhall

On the whole, advertisements are not out there to make you think or to question how your society works. Ads are there to inform you about a brand, to sell you a product, and (if […]

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