Camille Piriou

Photography of Joel-Peter Witkin

Heaven or Sky

by: Camille Piriou

To present Joel-Peter Witkin’s photographs to someone who has never seen or heard of it without scarring him/her away could be consider a tricky task. Well-known for using corpses or physically deformed persons as models […]

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La Haine's screening in Broadwater farm in Tottenham

Hatred Breeds Hatred

by: Camille Piriou

Some films are made to raise issues, and french director Mathieu Kassovitz’s La Haine (Hate) is one them. Unfolding over a 24-hour period, the film follows three character in the blighted suburbs of Paris. The […]

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Clarisse Hahn

Our Body is a Weapon

by: Camille Piriou

From March 22nd to April 3rd, the Cinéma du réel international documentary film festival is taking place at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, for its 34th edition. 200 films are selected, divided in four categories. This […]

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Belgian Designer KRIS VAN ASSHE Paris Fashion Week Party

LONDERZEEL NUMBER3 LAUNCH-Aesthetics meets function

by: Camille Piriou

On march 1st, a cocktail party was held at Kris Van Assche’s Parisian headquarters in view of the launch Londerzeel’s fourth issue. Named after the designer’s birth-town in Belgium, the publication displayed an introduction to […]

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